Lijiang Baba Pancake

Baba, in Chinese means pancake made from flour; rice plantation is hard in Lijiang,  so wheaten food is staple for the Naxis; in old times Baba-venders could be seen everywhere in Lijiang, and among the local food nowadays, Lijiang Baba Cake is  still highly recommended for visitors.

Lijiang Baba is the Naxi nationality unique flavor of food, has a long history, the Ming Dynasty ” the travels of Xu Xiake ” that is recorded. It is one of the characteristics of color, smell and taste, its production is the main raw material in Lijiang produced fine wheat flour, add from Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to flow down thespring into a paste, in marble slate wiped with vegetable oil, then roll into a piece of sheet, with oil, sprinkle with ham or white sugar after rolled cylindric, two ride together by flat, tundish into the sesame, walnut and other seasonings, then simmer baked with pan fried until golden brown, can be prepared. Lijiang 

Baba is divided into salty sweet two kinds, according to their own tastes to arbitrary selection. Its golden color,fragrance, taste crisp and delicious, some add drink butter tea, also have a boundless good flavour. In the Old Town Square Street, there are many franchise Lijiang Baba shops, mostly adult woman in business, they have a skill and superb skills, business is booming, with customers. Lijiang Baba second characteristics arenot easily changed, well placed after a few days, not moldy, whether with going out or will it as gifts to distant relatives and friends, you do not have to worry about, as long as you take it out easily steamed or fried, it stillsweet and crisp. Lijiang Baba once caravan caravan extra rations, due to its many days not bad taste has been placed, the traveller love.