Yongchang Wetland of Dianchi Scenic Area in Kunming

Before the completion of Yongchang (永昌)Wetland Park, it was Yongchang(永昌) Fish Pond. It was located in the south of the Dianchi Kunming Resort (滇池旅游度假区),the Chuanfan river (船房河)in the south of the mouth, and was adjacent to the Caohai lake(草海). The original Yongchang(永昌) fish pond was built with earth and stone breakwaters, fish ponds and dams, and built houses. Such a pattern not only cuts off and reduces the lake surface of the Caohai lake(草海), but also has become a source of water pollution at the Caohai lake (草海)because of the fish pond farming the operation for many years.

In order to improve the ecological environment and water environment quality of Yongchang(永昌) fish ponds, the nearby residents have a livable and comfortable living environment. In 2009, Dianchi Kunming Resort(滇池旅游度假区) will implement the ‘Returning to the lake ’ Wetland Construction Project in two phases. Demolition of more than 200 square meters of fish pond houses, cleaning of weeds and garbage of 130,000 square meters, dismantling the original breakwaters of more than 1,480 cubic meters, dismantling 14,635 cubic meters of fish ponds, clearing 57,000 cubic meters of silt, and building Yongchang(永昌) Wetland Park.

The completion of the 218-mu ecological wetland in Yongchang(永昌)Fish Pond not only serves the comprehensive management and ecological restoration of the Dian Lake(滇池), but also provides a beautiful ecological wetland landscape park for the general public and tourists.

Yongchang (永昌)Wetland Park is planted with more than 4,800 square meters of small shrubs and ground cover, more than 4,215 trees of arbor, willow, poplar, and leafhopper, and more than 35,336 square meters of aquatic plants such as calamus, sedge, and lotus. There are also 16 landscape islands, planted with hydrophilic vines on the edge of the island to enhance the stability and landscape effect of the island’s waterfront edge. At the same time, the wetland park lighting project was implemented in the inner ecosystem, and the outline of the wetland park was clearly outlined at night.

At 22 o’clock in the evening, you can look at the light, that is, the location of Yongchang(永昌) Wetland Park. Walking alone in the Yongchang(永昌) Wetland Park, the stone pavement is about 5 meters wide. Although it is close to the night, the unique lighting and comfortable and hydrophilic natural environment have a sense of the sea.

Address:South of the Dianchi Kunming Resort (滇池旅游度假区),the Chuanfan river (船房河)in the south of the mouth, adjacent to the Caohai lake(草海).

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