Baoshan City Museum

Chinese Name:保山市博物馆
English Name: Baoshan City Museum
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Located in downtown of Baoshan, this museum is one of the newly built prefecture-level museums of Yunnan province. It stands as the (cultural) landmark of Baoshan as well. Facing the north, the museum building is designed in a profile of an ancient bronze drum that was very popular in the south of China in the ancient times. Comprising seven exhibiting halls with a total circumference of 400 meters, it includes eight themes such as “Pre-history Culture”, “Ailao Culture”, “Yongchang Culture”, “War against the Japanese in West Yunnan during World War II”, “Historic Figures”, “Ethnic Culture”, “Achievements of 50 Years since Liberation (1949)”, and “Natural Resources”. Approximately 663 relic items and natural samples, 762 photos, 58 paintings are used to display the social evolution, and the rich natural and human resources of Baoshan since the late Paleolithic Period.