Discover the Lost Horizon in Yunnan Province

Yunnan, A mysterious province located in southern China,is known for its breath-taking landscape and diversity of minority. Tourists from all over the world come to Yunnan every year , just for a glance of this unusual wonderland. I’m lucky enough to have this trip with my beloved family.

Speaking of Yunnan tours , there are few places our agency suggested we visit. The first one is Kunming,as the capital of Yunnan province, Kunming have been the center of economics and politics for a very long period.Kunming is one of the most popular place to travel, The Stone Forest, Dianchi and Jiuxiang scenery are all enjoying a good reputation in the world. After our first day in Kunming, we decided to go for the Northwest of Yunnan.

On our way of going western Yunnan, the first major city we stoped for is Dali city. As the most famous tourist city of Yunnan, Dali sure has its own way to attract you. We had stayed there for 2 days, just to enjoy the leisure lifestyle on the shore of lake. You can rent a bike or moto at a low price and ride all day long on the shore, having the light breeze into you face. Trust me , at that moment no nothing could bother you anymore.

Next fabulous spot is called the Tiger Leaping Gorge .It’s the deepest gorge that we know in the world. The cliffs on both sides of the gorge are over 5000 metes high, there is this river called Yangtze rive flowing beneath us. This gorge tired you up with its unbelievable sight, you have to hike all the way to the very top to see it all. You may need more than one day to this adventure.

On this trip to northwest of Yunnan, we still need to go through some the most breath-taking places in the world, like the well-known Shangrila, Lugu lake and the Meili snow mountain. In next chapter I will take you with us to those places.