What a wonderful trip in Jianshui!

I have been to Jianshui for a long time but the trip there is so unforgettable that I would like to go there for another time. 

The time when I went there with my friends is in May, 2015. As we all know, Jianshui is even not very famous in Yunnan, but as soon as we got there, all of us were impressed by the small city. It has a Chinese traditional gate and several ancient building, such as the Zhujia Park and Confucius’ Temple(Wenmiao in Chinese), which remains to now since the Qing Dynasty.

As we just had two days to travel at Jianshui, we planned to the Zhujia Park in the afternoon. The Park is filled with the Chinese traditional architecture’s features. With square yards, typical Chinese houses, a lake, green-lands, double couplets and so on, there’s a fantasy that we paid a visit to the Park of what one of Chinese great four novels, the Dream of Red Mountain, describes. In the Zhujia Park, we felt like setting ourselves in the past, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Park and experiencing the glamour of the strong sense of Chinese culture from both the building structure and poems on the walls. After staying there for almost 3 hours, we were still too delighted to leave. But since we were at Jianshui, how couldn’t we have a taste of the well-known  Jianshui snack—Jianshui Tofu?

Jianshui Tofu was ubiquitous there, so we couldn’t wait to taste it. Staying at a store in the street, we started to eat the Tofu toasted. With the spicy seasoning, in your mouth, we felt the taste of Tofu and seasoning rolled into one. How delicious the Jianshui Tofu is!

Both food and buildings of Jianshui satisfied us a lot, but how about the accommodation? We ordered the hotel Linankezhan on the Internet, which was also pretty fantastic. With the Chinese traditional wooden structure, the hotel looked like what existed in the ancient time. A feeling of being easy-going, elegant and gorgeous went into our hearts at once. And the colorful oiled-paper umbrellas were hung on the roof. Therefore, in a word, living in the hotel was like living in the heaven!

There is a saying”Anyone who hasn’t gone to the Great Wall is not a real man”,  but what I want to say is “Anyone who has never gone to Jianshui doesn’t really know Chinese culture or building”. So if you are interested in Chinese culture or building, I will highly recommend Jianshui to you! It definitely deserves your visit! If you’re looking for some places to visit, Jianshui will be your perfect choice!