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Guangnan County Overview

Chinese Name: 广南县 English IPA: Guangnan County Location: north of Wenshan, southeast of Yunnan Province Population (city): 796100 Language: Southwestern Mandarin Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Guangnan County locates on the southeast of Yunnan Province, in the north of Wenshan, bordering among Yunnan, Guangxi and Guiyang. Enjoying the magnificent karst landscape, charming scenery and colorful ethnic culture, Guangnan is the important tourist destination in Wenshan Prefecture. There are many attractions in Guangnan, especially Bamei. Bamei, isolated and mysterious, is an idyllic Zhuang Village, which was forgotten by the outside world for long time. If you are tired of the busy life, start your trip and find the paradise here. The traditional and untarched ethnic village will give you answer.



Natural Landscape: Guangnan enjoys the magnificent karst landscape, beautiful lake surrounded by the green mountains, such as Tangna Cave of Bamei Village, Giant Banyan Tree of Bamei Village and Babao Scenic Area in Guangnan County.

History Sites: Guangnan offers diverse scenic spots, which are the heritage of culture and history impression, such as  Dutian Pavillion, Nongshi Tusi Government Office and Wenbi Tower in Guangnan County, Wenshan.

Ethnic Village: Paradise in the poetry of Tao Yuanming can be found in Guangnan, such as the isolated and mysterious Bamei Village.

Other Destinations in Guangnan County

    Guangnan County Attractions

    There is much to see or to do in Guangnan County. Travelers, especially visitors who are inclined to countryside trip always regard Bamei Village as the paradise. The magnificent landscape around Bamei can be compared with the impressive and famous Karst landscape of Yangshuo in the Guangxi province. It seems that over hundreds of years the secluded village of Bamei was forgotten by the outside world. There are also diverse ethnic minorities in Guangnan, so you definitely shouldn’t miss the festivals of minorities, it’s a [...]

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    Guangnan County Tours

    Traveling to Guangnan must be a amazing experience. There are so many highlights in Guangnan. Travelers can appreciate the panoramic view of clear lakes, emerald mountains, booming flowers and enchanting karst landscape. In order to help you to find the paradise here, Yunnan Exploration offers travelers the best-quality Guangnan tours and tour packages, such as 2 Days Bamei Xanadu Village Tour from Kunming by Speed-train, 6 Days Yunnan Ancient Villages Tour with Puzhehei Scenic Area and Bamei Xanadu Village and 8 Days Yunnan-Guizhou Karst Landform Tour and Ethnic Minorities [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Guangnan's climate is classified as warm and temperate. Guangnan is a city with a significant rainfall. Even in the driest month there is a lot of rain. According to Köppen and Geiger, this climate is classified as Cfa. The average temperature in Guangnan is 17.8 °C. The rainfall here averages 1088 mm.   Climate Graph The least amount of rainfall occurs in January. The average in this month is 14 mm. Most of the precipitation here falls in August, averaging 202 mm. Temperature Graph The [...]

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    Highways are the major means of transportation in Guangnan county. Also you can choose the air and high-speed rail. There are Guangnan Passenger Transportation Station(广南客运站), Jiumo Passenger Transportation Station in Guangnan(广南旧莫汽车客运站), Zhulin Passenger Transportation Station in Guangnan( 广南珠琳汽车客运站)Bamei Passenger Transportation Station(广南坝美汽车客运站) in Guangnan county. Every day there are buses going to all parts of Wenshan Region, to Nanning (nán níng 南宁), Xilin (yù lín 西林), Baise(白色) in Guangxi, and to Kaiyuan (kāi yuǎn 开远), Yanshan(砚山), Luoping(罗平) and Hangzhou(杭州)Shenzhen(深圳). If you [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    In Guangnan, diverse ethnic groups live here and carry on their tradition. Their traditional festivals represent their religion belief, memory of hero, unique ethnic life style, even the pursuit of love. Therefore, festival should not be missed if you want to learn more about the local ethnic groups. Sanyuesan Festival of Zhuang Ethnic Minority 壮族三月三 Sanyuesan is the grandest festival of Zhuang people, representing the Luoyue 骆越 culture. Zhuangs hold many games and performances during the festival. Sacrifice ritual 祭竜 is the main [...]

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    Travel Tips

    Where to Stay Dibei Guiyuan Featured Resort and Hotel of Bamei Town in Guangnan County 广南坝美帝贝归园特色度假酒店 Paradise Hotel in Guangnan County 广南世外桃源大酒店 Babaogong Hotel in Guangnan County 广南八宝贡酒店 Herunxuan Guest House in Guangnan County 广南和润轩客栈   What to Visit Fengyan Cave ( 峰岩洞) Babao Science Area (八宝风景区) Nongshi Tusi's Government Office ( 侬氏土司衙署) Wenbi Tower( 文笔塔) Bamei Village (坝美)   Best Time to Visit  May to October is the rainy season gathering over eighty percent of wenshan's rainfall throughout the year. Most of the region has a favorable climate without winter chilliness and summer heat. May to September is the best [...]

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    Useful Maps

    Map is an important tool in travel which can help us find the destinations easily. If you meet a new place, map should be with you. Yunnan exploration offers some maps for you dear to make the travel in Guangnan Prefecture more convenient. You can check our detailed maps, including map of Guangnan location, map of Guangnan attractions, map of Guangnan tour routes, map of Guangnan transportation and map of Bamei Village. [...]

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    Guangnan County Accommodation

    There is no luxury hotel or star hotel in Guangnan County, but the budget hotel and guest house. Here are some advisable hotels for you. Paradise Hotel in Guangnan County 广南世外桃源大酒店     No.18 Babao Road, Nanxiu Community, Liancheng Town, Guangnan County, Wenshan Prefecture 0876-5619913  Babaogong Hotel in Guangnan County 广南八宝贡酒店   Wenbi Road, Nanxiu Community, Liancheng Town, Guangnan County, Wenshan Prefecture 0876-5150000 Herunxuan Guest House in Guangnan County 广南和润轩客栈   Bamei Village, Bamei Town, Guangnan County, Wenshan Prefecture 18848706998  Huifeng Hotel in Guangnan County 文山广南汇丰大酒店   No.20 Nanxiu Road, Guangnan County, Wenshan Prefecture 0876-5957999  Beiningwan Theme Hotel in Guangnan [...]

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