In March, why not have a flower trip in Kunming 

The news was updated on March 13, 2019. 

March is a colorful month when breeze brings flower branches back to life. In Kunming, flowers begin to bloom one after another in the lively season

Cherry blossom

Suggested site: Yuantong Park

Cherry Blossom in Yunatong Park of Kunming

The cherries in Yuantong Park ushered in the flowering period around March 8. The spots for cherry admiring are the Yuantong square near the park’s east gate, the avenue of Chinese flowering crab-apple trees, the central area of Yunnan cherries and the stair cases near the park’s north gate.

Rape-seed flower

Suggested site: Tanglangchuan River, Anning 

Rape-seed flower in Anning of Kunming

Rape-seed flower in Anning of Kunming

Recently, photos of a camellia pattern in a rapeseed field went viral on the WeChat network. The flower field is located in the Shankou village of Anning, and around 26 hectares of rapeseed flowers are in blossom, bringing in droves of tourists.

Pear flower

Suggested site: Wanxichong in Chenggong District

Pear flower in Chengong District of Kunming

In March, the pear trees in Wanxichong of Chenggong was in full bloom, and visitors are greatly entertained while walking through the fairy world of white petals that give off fragrance and gently sway in the breeze.

Peony flower

Suggested site: Tanhuasi Park

Peony flower in Tabhuasi Park of Kunming

The park is home to 8,000 potted peonies that belong to 30 plus varieties in nine families. It is a sea of peony flowers.

Plum blossom

Suggested site: Heilongtan Park

Plum blossom in Heilongtan park of Kunming

Plum blossom in Heilongtan park of Kunming

The Heilongtan/black-dragon pond park is the largest plum garden in southwest China. 20,000 plus plums are planted in the park, with over 3,000 potted ones. The varieties add up to over 200. It is also home to 20 plus plums planted in the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.

Peach blossom

Suggested site: Jiaoye Park

The peach trees in the park are blooming beautifully these days. And Jiaoye Park also houses blossoms of cherry, pear and plum, as well as azaleas and the Chinese flowering crab-apple. All make the park a must-see spot in spring.

What’s more, the 18th Kunming peach-blossom festival will be held in the park from March 4 to April 8, allowing citizens to see the flower in detail.

Peach Blossom in Jiaoye Park of Kunming

Come to Kunming for a flowery trip in spring. Wandering through the flower fields under the blue sky and white clouds, you’ll surely have a great time.