Lijiang-Shangri La Railway

Lijiang-Shangarila railway(Lixiang丽香 for short) is 161 kilometers in length, starting from Lijiang Railway Station in the south and reaching Shangari-la in the north passing through Tiger Leaping Gorge and Xiaozhongdian Town. Lixiang railway is the Yunnan section of Yunnan-Tibet Railway(the second railway entering Tibet), also a section of Dage(Dali-Golmud) Railway. Lixiang Railway is connected to DaLi Railway and associated with Guangda Railway and Chengkun Railway, which is an important part of the mid-west railway network planning in China. After the completion of the Lixiang railway,  it is expected to arrive Shangari-la from Kunming in 6 hours. Lixiang Railway officially started to construct on July 23, 2014, with a projected construction period of 6 years.

Basic Information

Chinese Name 丽香铁路
English Name Lijiang-Shangarila Railway
Location Lijiang City-Shangarila of Diqing
Length 161 kilometers
Passing Places Tiger Leaping Gorge, Xiaozhongdian Town(小中甸镇)
Design Speed 120 km/h
Associative Railway DaLi(Dali-Lijiang) Railway, Xianglin(Shangarila-Linzhi林芝) Railway
Status Under Construction
Starting Time 2014
Expected Completion 2020