Lijiang Weather in October

Lijiang Weather and Climate in October

When you travel to Lijiang. Lijiang weather in October is pleasant and suitable for outdoor activities. The average temperature is about 20°C (68°F) in the day and 9°C (48°F) at night. The city steps into its dry season in this month. The monsoon season ends, and the weather turns drier and better by the end of the month.

Historical Lijiang Average Daily Temperatures in October

October Average High Average Low
1 20.9°C / 69.6°F 11.2°C / 52.2°F
2 20.9°C / 69.6°F 11.1°C / 52°F
3 20.9°C / 69.6°F 11°C / 51.8°F
4 20.8°C / 69.4°F 10.8°C / 51.4°F
5 20.8°C / 69.4°F 10.7°C / 51.3°F
6 20.8°C / 69.4°F 10.6°C / 51.1°F
7 20.8°C / 69.4°F 10.4°C / 50.7°F
8 20.8°C / 69.4°F 10.3°C / 50.5°F
9 20.7°C / 69.3°F 10.2°C / 50.4°F
10 20.7°C / 69.3°F 10°C / 50°F
11 20.6°C / 69.1°F 9.8°C / 49.6°F
12 20.6°C / 69.1°F 9.7°C / 49.5°F
13 20.5°C / 68.9°F 9.5°C / 49.1°F
14 20.5°C / 68.9°F 9.3°C / 48.7°F
15 20.4°C / 68.7°F 9.1°C / 48.4°F
16 20.3°C / 68.5°F 8.9°C / 48°F
17 20.2°C / 68.4°F 8.7°C / 47.7°F
18 20.2°C / 68.4°F 8.5°C / 47.3°F
19 20.1°C / 68.2°F 8.3°C / 46.9°F
20 20°C / 68°F 8.1°C / 46.6°F
21 19.9°C / 67.8°F 7.9°C / 46.2°F
22 19.7°C / 67.5°F 7.7°C / 45.9°F
23 19.6°C / 67.3°F 7.5°C / 45.5°F
24 19.5°C / 67.1°F 7.3°C / 45.1°F
25 19.4°C / 66.9°F 7.1°C / 44.8°F
26 19.3°C / 66.7°F 6.9°C / 44.4°F
27 19.1°C / 66.4°F 6.7°C / 44.1°F
28 19°C / 66.2°F 6.5°C / 43.7°F
29 18.9°C / 66°F 6.3°C / 43.3°F
30 18.8°C / 65.8°F 6.2°C / 43.2°F
31 18.6°C / 65.5°F 6°C / 42.8°F

What to Wear for an October Lijiang Travel

A jacket or sweater, warm shirts, and trousers are fine. You’ll need rain gear if rain is likely, and take a coat and rain gear up to the mountains. The UV radiation is high if it is sunny, so cover your skin if you have sensitive skin. Most tourists will experience some shortness of breath and get tired quickly for a day or two, and many people use oxygen on the mountain. The cost of oxygen canisters in Lijiang is about 1/3 less than on the mountain. Tourists with a heart condition or high blood pressure should be cautious.

Places to Visit in October Lijiang

  • Tiger Leaping Gorge:
    It is another famous attraction in Lijiang. It is a steep gorge between Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain, ranking one of the deepest gorges in the world. Hiking there is a popular activity among travelers. They can experience the excitement of adventure as well as the beautiful scenery of snow mountains.
  • Dongba Village and Wenbi Lake:
    October is the high time to admire kelsang flowers. The flowers blossom at the beginning of October, forming a sea of flowers. The most famous sites to appreciate kelsang flowers in Lijiang are the Dongba valley and Wenbi Lake, where kelsang flowers are accompanied with wooden Naxi houses. The beautiful view brings travelers to this fairyland of peace.
  • Lijiang Ancient town
    The Old Town of Lijiang is a famous historical and cultural site. In an invigorating autumn climate, the town seems more beautiful and tranquil. It attracts plenty of travelers from all over the world because of its fame and architectural beauty. The Mid-Autumn Festival may fall on October, in accordance with the Chinese Lunar Calendar. If travelers come to Lijiang during the festival, they can participate in the unique celebration of the local people. Before the festival, the locals usually make sweet and crispy moon cakes and present them to relatives and friends. On the festive day, they will prepare moon cakes, Banta (a special dessert), soybeans, walnuts, Chinese chestnuts, and various fruits and savor them while waiting for the moon to fully rise. There are also featured campfire parties in the Old Town of Lijiang, providing a happy occasion to make new friends.
  •  Dongba Museum:
    A good place in Dayan to learn about the Naxi people is the Dongba Museum. It is a little museum by the Black Dragon Pool that is a famous landmark in Jade Spring Park. The museum has some interesting exhibits, photos and a shop that sells Naxi jewelry and souvenirs.
  • Stone Drum Town:
    Shigu Ancient Town is one of the famous ancient town at the river bank of the upper reaches of Yangtze River. As there is a drum-shaped stone tablet carved with white marble, hence the name of the town. The diameter of the stone tablet is 1.5 m and the thickness is 0.7 m. It is said that if the society is unrest, the drum will craze, but when the society is peaceful again, the drum will close up.
  • Jade Dragon Snow Mountain:
    The mountain is only half an hour from Lijiang, and you can go up to the snowy peaks on a scenic tram. From the tram, you have the option of climbing the stairway up to the observation point at 4,636 meters (15,210 feet). The highlight there is a small glacier. It is a place to see beautiful mountain scenery and snow. Be prepared for a hard climb.
  • Shuhe and Baisha:
    In these two UNESCO recognized cobble stoned Naxi districts, there are many little Naxi restaurants where you can enjoy their meaty dairy-rich cuisine. Lookout for crafts products such as T-shirts and artwork with the pictorial hieroglyphic writing that make for good souvenirs.

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