4 Days Yunnan Birding Tour to Yingjiang and Tengchong

Yingjiang Hornbill Valley is located on the bank of the Hongbenghe River in Yingjiang County, Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. It belongs to the Hengduan Mountains extending from the Himalayas. The highest point is that the Daniangshan Mountain in Zhina Township is 3404.6 meters above sea level. The lowest point is that the Estuary of Nabanglashahe River is only 210 meters above sea level. The huge difference in altitude forms a cluster of northern tropical, subtropical and temperate climates, namely, the typical three-dimensional climate of the river. The forest coverage rate in Yingjiang County is 73.9%. There are many kinds of birds living here. At present, there are 550 species of birds found and recorded in Yingjiang, accounting for more than one-third of the national birds. The unique and precious Buceros bicornis, anthracoceros coronatus and Rhyticeros undulatus settle here. Therefore, it has the reputation of “Chinese Hornbill Valley”. Yingjiang is a beautiful and magical place, a paradise for birds, a kingdom of flora and fauna.

Our Yingjiang Birding Tour Itinerary:

Day 1(13, Aug): Tengchong-Yingjiang
Pick you up at Tengchong airport. Meet your guide and driver. Then drive to Yingjiang County for overnight.

Day 2(14, Aug): Yingjiang- Hornbills Valley
In the early morning, drive to Hornbills Valley for birding tour. Guide will take tourists to some Niaotang which are good spots for bird photography.
Geographically, Yingjiang is located in the southern end of Hengduan Mountains. It has more than 550 bird species. In the Hornbill Valley, there are great hornbills, wheathed hornbills, oriental pied hornbills and etc. No wonder local people often say with pride: In China, you can only find wild hornbills here. However, the valley is not an exclusive habitat for hornbills. Collared falconets, oriental hobbies, white-crested laughingthrs, brown-breasted bulbuls and other birds are also attracting photographers and bird lovers.

Birds of Yingjiang 01

Birds of Yingjiang 02

4 Days Yunnan Birding Tour to Yingjiang and Tengchong

Day 3(15, Aug): Hornbills Valley-Yingjiang
Birding tour in Hornbills Valley. Guide will take tourists to other Niaotang for bird photography.
In the late afternoon, drive to Yingjiang county for overnight.

4 Days Yunnan Birding Tour to Yingjiang and Tengchong

4 Days Yunnan Birding Tour to Yingjiang and Tengchong

Day 4(16, Aug):Yingjiang-Tengchong
Drive back to Tengchong, service ends.

Birds of Yingjiang 03

Birds of Yingjiang 04

Birds of Yingjiang 05

Birds of Yingjiang 08

Birds of Yingjiang 07

4 Days Yunnan Birding Tour to Yingjiang and Tengchong

4 Days Yunnan Birding Tour to Yingjiang and Tengchong

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