How to Travel to Jiaozi Snow Mountain in Kunming

Jiaozi Snow Mountain located in Wumeng town(乌蒙乡) of the northeast corner of Luquan country(禄劝县) in Kunming, Yunnan province,which belongs to the rest part of Arch King mountains in WuMeng Mountain Ridge, its height is 4247 meters above sea level, it is called Jiaozi Snow Mountain due to the shape of mountain peak looks like Jiaozi(轿子雪山), and then in Tang Dynasty, the king of Nanzhao in Dali named the mountain as “Le Baini”. The Jiaozi Snow Mountain is high and towering, the stereo-climate is obvious, besides, its geological and geomorphologic landscape is of high ornamental and researching value. Resources of animal and plant are diversified and in winter, it is covered by snow, which is a snow mountain nearest to kunming, the capital of Yunnan province, with an extremely developmental potential. Characterized with its unique natural landscape, it attracts more and more mountaineers and travel-enthusiasts. The main scenic spot is ten thousand-unit cuckoo flower sea, high mountain and Tianchi, colorful waterfall, and the Buddha of Jiaozi.

Two-day Traveling Agenda on Jiaozi Snow Mountain.

Tourists who traveling on the Jiaozi Mountain usually choose to stay a night in Zhuanlong(转龙)and climbing the mountain next day as the time is too tight. Recently, there are too many tourists watching the snow in winter, people living in Tangdian is of a large quantity, but the distance between the two spots is only about 20 kilometers, and its condition is better than the Zhuanlong in all respects. The price in weekends was 80 to 120 yuan recently, as the supply is not adequate to the demand, the price was a little expensive. I recommended JinHui dining hall of Hui nationality in the center of the town, the price is moderate, the taste is good, the oil drenching dry meat is quite great(50 yuan/dish).

Early in next morning, I left Tangdian at 8 o ‘clock, and after drivng 60 kilometers, I arrived at the Jiaozi Snow Mountain at 9 o ‘clock. The parking lot is mostly full of vehicles, mostly from Kunming. Then the real mountain climbing begin after driving ferry push about 7 kilometers to take cable car to get to the top of the mountain.

The snow and the forest of the Jiaozi Snow Mountain are beautiful too! Climbing the mountain after snowing, you’ll get the better scenery. Along the way, I saw many azalea bushes and trees. If you Climb in May and June, the landscape was another flavor.

Driving away from the scenic spot at 4:30 p.m., taking dinner in TangDian, and you can go home at about 8:30 in the evening.

The Detailed Strategy of Traveling on Jiaozi Snow Mountain.

There is no nonstop car from kunming to Jiaozi Snow Mountain, so you need take a vehicle from kunming to Zhuanlong town (The only way to Jiaozi snow mountain, also the best choice for accommodation and food in the snow mountain scenic area), Zhuanlong town belongs to luquan autonomous county including Yi and Miao nationalities. Taking the car from the northern passenger stations in the kunming, the first at 6:20, almost a car every hour of the station, but the departure arrangement is not fixed, after all the Zhuanlong is a small town, the urban and rural time between the period have some error, the tourist are told the car is not on schedule, that means now can’t buy the tickets. From kunming to Zhuanlong town need to through the line of Heilongtan(黑龙潭)-Songmingaziying(嵩明阿子营)-Xundiankedu town(寻甸柯渡镇)-Xundiantangdian town(寻甸倘甸镇)-Luquanzhaunlong town(禄劝转龙镇), The whole journey is 150KM approximately and it takes three and one half hours.

I arrived in the Zhuanlong town, the station of the Zhuanlong town is in the south of the town, and walking to the town center for 5-8 minutes. There are three main streets in the town, In front of the door of the station is the main street, and the shop, restaurant, the supermarket, etc dispersed two sides. Along the main road from north, you can get to the town center, if it is market-day on Sunday, the way will be overwhelming.You need to go from the west side of the main streets, and this street is centralized with hotels of small town, many small hotel located here. Here, I mainly recommends two hotels, the Zhuanlong hotel located on the main road, and the Zhuanlong hotel needs to book in advance which mainly operating group reception . Then isYinghe hotel, which located the most west of the river , the facilities here are good, in a small town than a regular hotel, although many aspects but in there is good, the hotel is located in the Xima(洗马)river, the scenery outside the window is good, cool wind blow gently, very comfortable, double standard rooms holidays (May 1th) listed price is 160 yuan, the boss is very nice, have any questions and needs can be consulting (advance booking telephone 0871-8942189) with her. There are some small hotels near the hotel, the price is low, 50 to 100, which is a good choice for student friends. If it’s a holiday, suggest booking a hotel in advance or as early as possible get there because the hotel room is limited.

The time is not early after living, maybe a little late to clime the mountain, so i choose to eat first, Meals has nothing special in Zhuanlong, but pea jelly or tofu is still good, ham was said to have been a line, I am not interested in smoked products, so i didn’t try. For Stir-fried vegetables tourists, I recommended Shenlong(神龙) restaurant, which located on the main street, the small town of health conditions are about the same, but here also tastes good, cheap, adequate weight, boss enthusiasm (Zhuanlong people’s unadorned passion yet ~ ~), three meats and two vegetables are less than 50 yuan. Time is enough to take a nap after lunch, because there is no special spot in the town.

In the afternoon, you can stroll around the Zhuanlong, there are only three places could to go. First is the spring of the Zhuanlong town, also called “micro-spring”, is made up of springs, and the next spring, springs on the corners of the beast, the outlet of the central has a “bottomless”, mainly for people to drink, spring water flow on the channel into the next spring, for the laundry cattle drink, spring under the edge correlation has been abandoned. It is named as spring because the spring all-year- round in a day of spring up change, it is said that the pool of dragon king turn, which is the reason named Zhuanlong twon, is actually a aquifers caused by intermittent flow.

Ps: The spring water overflowed when I got there at noon and then shallowed after dinner, and while the village woman talked to me and cooked.The second place is “Jiang family courtyard(蒋家大院)”, is located in the southeast corner of town and built by the local gentry Jiang Changhai in 1944 and rebuilt after the earthquake in 1985, it concluded two yards and wall park. standing in the courtyard and hanging corridor, as if there was a brilliant families living shadow, but seems the rise and decline about the history of family prosperity. Ps: I found most of the rooms are used for the office of the land resources, and the historical relics are not well protected, which spooky in the evening. Finally I recommend you can go along the Xima river(洗马河). And doesn’t have to go to the Zhongshan bulding (中山楼) in the centre of town, It’s amazing, Which has a red building doors and Windows locked, Carefully looking the “XXX elderly activity room”. Then you can buy some local food especially malt sugar due to gown wheat locally.

Get up early the next day after breakfast ready to climb the hill, something mainly remind the drivers, There are buses of Jiaozi Snow Mountain travel company to get the snow mountain every day early, but aimed at visitors of the group, the company not allowed to pick up the individual, except you are lucky and meet a good driver. There are a lot of small vans can hire up the hill in zhuanlong station, it`s one-way 250 yuan prices (Holiday), round-trip is 400 yuan prices (holiday) if let the driver waiting for you to send you back down the mountain, about 30 to 40 yuan per capita. Of course, if you have to look for the charter a few people together, you could ask the room next door hh, also can go to the station and accoroding per capita to give money, the driver need to contract other guest.

Ps: I gave 50 per person to the hill, when the driver pulled three batch of visitors which has three different prices, I understand at that time but don’t want to care about it, but annoyed the driver noisy that he suffer losses, later when I learned that the driver is the people of Tangdian rather than local, I figured out that I got wrong blame the unadorned passion Zhuanlong people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The bus from zhuanlong passes through the scenic spot gate to the tourist service center (altitude 2950 meters)of “Sifangjing(四方景)”, it takes about 45 minutes for 45 kilometers. The driver stopped here and goes down the hill to the Zhuanlong town. Get off the bus to bought tickets, the price of 70 yuan (including the scenic spot bus back and forth fee), to be remind you here, and the earliest scenic mountain bus at 8:30, so plan the right time to ride, “Sifangjing” service center has the breakfast. By bus tickets in scenic spot (early morning 8:30) by the “quartet scene” enter the scenic area about 20 minutes to get the “Xiapingzi(下坪子)” (altitude 3500 meters), here is the begining up to the hill, also is the home to the scenic area, there are some scenic hotel, price – 200 yuan/bed, If you want to see the sunrise could live here last night.

Then we started hiking. The scenic route is roughly oval around the mountain, and some of the scenic spots are single-line and need to be returned. You can choose the path according to your own situation, there are artificial board channel setup, walking along the channel, the basic will not get lost (in four party ticket at scene can ask the conductor for a detailed site map), Now I will introduce the route of mine to you.

After getting off, the scenic spot “Haohanpo(好汉坡)”on the left side is not bad so that can be put in the final view. So from the right to buy a ticket to take the cable car up to the “Daheiqing(大黑菁)” (altitude 3850 meters), 35 yuan per person, along the road need to take 15 minutes or so, along the way also can see at the foot of the cuckoo flowers (the blossoms) or to the left of the picture of Haohanpo to Huaxi(花溪). After the ropeway boards along the west from the “Daheiqing” channel and attractions logo began walking, through the Huaxi, at this time, don’t watch the first waterfall group, continue to “sight” (altitude 3987.3 meters) and west on (in the high altitude to remind you often appear oxygen breathing difficulties, timely adjustment, if you have special need to pay attention to patients with high blood pressure, heart and lung function, although there are service stations for the scenic spot, but only for tourists to rest, there is no complete oxygen facilities and staff), “Yixiantian(一线天)” is one of the largest sites relative relief, it’s tired extremed!!!!! Continue to walk by the “Caodianhua(草甸花)” “, “the ruins of the temple(神庙遗址)”, “Pride Lin(傲骨林)” and to “Tianchi” (altitude 4150 meters) on the way to see cuckoo flowers (the blossoms).

Ps: There are visitors to throw coins in tianchi pray for luck, here I remind you don’t leave anything that does not belong to here in the mountains, ecological protection, you know!!!!! Along the way to the east “Mubanghai(木邦海), “QiXing Tower landscape”, “Buddha cliff” to “Tiantai peak (4216 meters above sea level),” “Buddha cliff” only a foggy in the autumn season to see the light refraction presents the shape of figure of Buddha, other time is can’t see the drop!!!!! Ultraviolet ray is very strong in this process because of the mountain, friends must prepare a hat, sunscreen, Mrs can prepare thin silk scarves around targeting top, Besides, mountain has low temperatures and wind, bring enough clothes before up to the hill.

Ps: If on MAY 1th go to there, No pants, shirt, pathfinder coat — -It’s freeze!!! In particular, it is best to prepare Chineselegging, sweaters, down jackets, scarves and gloves. “Tiantai peak” is the special attractions, eastward along the way to return to continue to its top of the mountain, take some rest, eat some biscuit, and chocolate this kind of energy food, along the way there will be from the snow mountain village villagers sell baked potato, buckwheat bread, eggs this kind of food, could buy some, a baked potato is very good, can warm hands, it’s high quantity of heat food have the cold-resistance.

Ps: such a high mountain, person of hometown back to the hill is not easy, a potato to 1.5 yuan, sell in other scenic spots, tourists must be bought something, might as well if you need to buy some… The people of the Zhuanlong… Simple Zhuanlong people!!! Rest finished, climb the top, along the narrow stair, left and right whirl, tired again and again!!! But top of the mountain scenery infinite (elevation 4223 meters), here is the Jiaozi Snow Mountain peak, mountain opposite the “Dongchuan(东川) might as well to the dongchuan people shouted a throat… Oh!!!!!! Along the way to return to the “Shentian (the scenic spot has been abandoned), “Jingtangguai(精怪塘)” (elevation 3950 meters) south to “moon rock”, then we watch the west before viewing “waterfall group”, in recent years, yunnan got drought, small water quantity, small waterfall… Sweat! Then we walked over the same road and went back to the “Daheiqing” station. If your physical well at this moment, then down bawcock slope foot along the ornamental pool “Biqing pool(碧清池)”, “bamboo creek wonderland(竹溪仙境)” and other attractions then return xiaping stronghold, exhaustion people can directly from the “Daqinghei” taking the cable car back to “Xiapingzi”, at this point, your Jiaozi Snow Mountain trip is almost done, say bye!

On the “Xiapingzi” (remember to keep well) ride the bus down to the “Sifang Jing” service center. Find the drivers drop you to return Zhuanlong town, the people drive themselves this time may be very tired, sleepy, but pay attention, safety first!!!!!!

People not drive themselves return from Zhuanlong town back to kunming’s need to take the car at the station, early morning 7 o ‘clock in the morning, can’t buy the ticket in advance, buy a ticket that day, many tourists, so get up early, or leave a driver phone, make a phone call to let him leave a ticket for you. And one more thing to remind everybody, Zhuanlong bus ticket without seat number, early to get early to sit, if you arrive in time you will find that the car is waiting for you a full. Ps: My concept of time is very strong, is not meant to let you wait, very confused, Zhuanlong people!!!!!!!!!! In addition, because the station dispatcher writes the ticket, inevitably appear write repeated (the Zhuanlong people!!! I have always been annoyed… Let’s say bye to the unpretentious and enthusiastic people.

Special Tips:

1, The Jiaozi Snow Mountain has a total length of 155 kilometers, most of which are secondary road design, and the part of the mountain is a three-stage road, with a speed limit of 80 kilometers and some parts 60 kilometers. Due to not closed road, fork, villages, motorcycles, agricultural vehicles and pedestrians so elusive, you need to be very careful, especially some areas which sometimes had the accident.

2, when it is sunny, the temperature is of mountain is not very low, the temperatures on the cable car station is 2 ° C, Jingguaitang – 2 ° C, estimates go upward – most probably 5 ° C. When climbing, you need to wear the necessary anti-cold clothing, especially the anti-skid and moisture-proof shoes. In the shade of the trail, snow freezes, and visitors are often seen sliding to a fall.

3, The tickets for the scenic spot, the round-trip ticket, and the cable car ticket are 140 yuan, and the proposal is to buy tickets on, which we buy online for 90 yuan per person.

4, It is not convenient to eat and drink in the scenic spot. It is recommended to carry hot heat foods such as cookies, chocolate, milk, beef jerky, vitamin drinks, etc. Some people will have altitude sickness, recommend walking at a constant pace, don’t make joking, and often stop to take a break and supplement your diet.

5, Jiaozi Snow Mountain scenery is more beautiful than you can imagine, more big than expected and the scenic spot of also far beyond imagination, developing the tourism of pedestrian way is very long, it all go down at least 6 to 7 hours (excluding and cable car by car), tired ah! And the main attraction is at 3,900-4,200 meters above sea level, the tourists who are not good at the body will not be able to! It is recommended that you prepare your thoughts and choose your own path according to your physical condition and time.

6, Tangdian is appropriate to eat dinner, the condition is better than the Zhuanlong. We saw a lot of tourists returning from the Zhuanlong who said that there were too many people in Zhuanlong.

7, Early go mountains up and down. everything have to catch, the best time to get the scenic spot is in the morning at half past eight, leaving at 4:00 PM, Otherwise having to queue by car or cable car so that waste of your two hours of time at least.