The Hornbill Valley Birding Tour in Yingjiang County of Dehong Prefecture

The Hornbill Valley Birding Tour in Yingjiang County, Yunnan Province, China, is an unforgettable experience for birdwatchers and nature lovers. With an astonishing variety of bird species, this tour is perfect for those who want to get started in birding or for more experienced birders who want to add new species to their list. In this article, we will guide you through a 1-day birding tour in The Hornbill Valley, sharing tips and recommendations for a successful and enjoyable trip.


  • Stunning natural beauty with lush forests, clear rivers, and colorful birdlife
  • Chance to see endangered species such as the Black-necked Crane and Golden-fronted Fulvetta
  • Birding in a small group with experienced guides
  • Opportunities for close-up encounters with birds and photography


8:00 AM: Meet your guide and depart from your hotel in Yingjiang County. Drive to The Hornbill Valley, which takes around 2 hours. Along the way, your guide will point out interesting sights and share information about the region’s unique ecosystem and wildlife.

10:30 AM: Arrive at The Hornbill Valley, and start your birding adventure. Your guide will lead you through the forest, helping you spot and identify different bird species. With over 300 species recorded in the area, you’ll have the chance to see a wide range of birds, including endangered species like the Black-necked Crane and Golden-fronted Fulvetta.

1:00 PM: Lunch break. Enjoy a local lunch while discussing your morning’s sightings with your guide.

2:00 PM: Continue birding in the afternoon. As the sun begins to set, you’ll have the opportunity to see birds in their evening habitats, which can be very different from their daytime habitats. This is also a great time for photography, as the low sunlight provides soft, natural light for capturing stunning bird photos.

5:00 PM: Return to your hotel in Yingjiang County.

7:00 PM: Join a local dinner hosted by your guide, where you can try local cuisine and learn more about the region’s culture and history.

Tips and Recommendations:

  1. Dress in layers: The Hornbill Valley can have chilly mornings and warm afternoons, so it’s essential to dress in layers to stay comfortable throughout the day.
  2. Bring binoculars and a camera: While your guide will have binoculars, it’s always nice to have your own set for close-up viewing and photography.
  3. Be patient and quiet: Birds are sensitive to noise, so try to be as quiet as possible and give the birds time to settle before approaching them.
  4. Follow your guide’s advice: Your guide is an expert in the region and has spent many years studying the birds and their habitats. Listen to their advice and recommendations to make the most of your birding experience.

Conclusion: The Hornbill Valley Birding Tour is an unforgettable way to experience the beauty and richness of Yunnan’s birdlife. With a 1-day tour, you can enjoy a stunning natural environment, see a variety of bird species, and learn from experienced guides. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced birdwatcher, this tour is sure to leave a lasting impression on you.