A Marvellous Tour in Yuanyang Rice Terrace

Avid Stacey treasures traveling, I went on an expedition with a Yunnan guide, Nika, from Yunnan who told me about his interest in and passion for the Yuanyang Rice Terrace, which she knew by another name and introduced the local culture what she knew for us with great patience, which made me realized that its significance likely surpassed that of any places and also further developed personal interests.

The Yuanyang Rice Terrace is one of three spots in Yunnan being considered for UNESCO’s World Heritage Site designation. The rice paddies were cultivated along a mountain range by the ethnic Hani minority. The truly surprising aspect of the trip was the breathtaking sight, particularly when the sun reflected on the water-filled paddies, which made me bathed in the sun and gave me a warm sense perception. Yuanyang should preserve Hani culture and provide educational opportunities for their youth for it was really a fantastic place. The three thousand multi-level rice terraces looked like a pyramid. But more valuable was that Yuanyang rice terrace nurtured many people around. It is no wonder that the Chinese nation has created the most glorious history of mankind’s agricultural civilization.

 Travelers to China need to experience Yuanyang rice terrace to see what one place could do for so many lives and can attract so many eyes of travelers.