Kunming-Chuxiong-Dali Intercity Railway

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On October 20, 2020, the Yunnan Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the “Environmental Impact Assessment Information Announcement for the Intercity Railway Network Planning and Revision of the Central Yunnan Urban Agglomeration”. The plan clarifies that the central Yunnan urban agglomeration’s intercity railway network plan will take Kunming as the core, forming an overall layout of one ring, four shots and five connections + two city lines. The planned total mileage is 2,316km, of which intercity railway mileage is 2,126km, and city railway mileage. 190km, the planned target period is 2035, and the short-term to 2025.

One ring is Luliang-Qujing, Qujing-Xundian, Xundian-Wuding, Nanhua-Yongren, Chuxiong-Yuxi, Yuxi-Maitreya, Maitreya-Shizong;

The four shots are Kunming-Chuxiong-Dali, Kunming-Luliang-Luoping, Kunming-Yuanmou, Kunming-Yuxi;

Five links are Dali-Lijiang, Luoping-Xingyi, Yuanmou-Panzhihua, Qujing-Xuanwei-Liupanshui, Yuxi-Xinping-Lincang;

The lines of the two cities are the Central Dianchi City Railway Line and the Anning-Songming City Railway Line.

The urban agglomeration in central Yunnan includes the entire territory of Kunming, Qujing, Yuxi, Chuxiong Prefecture and 7 counties and cities in the northern part of Honghe Prefecture, a total of 49 counties, cities, and districts, with a land area of 111,400 square kilometers.

The central Yunnan urban agglomeration is committed to building a spatial structure with one main and four assistants, channel docking, and point-axis linkage. That is, the main center of Kunming and the four sub-centers of Qujing, Yuxi, Chuxiong, and Mengzi will be constructed to form a spatial pattern led by the center and supported by coordination, and promote the development of Kunming and Yuxi in the same city. The long-term spatial structure evolves into one main and three sub-centers.

It is reported that the central Yunnan urban agglomeration is located at the intersection of the One Belt, One Road and the Yangtze River Economic Belt. It is one of the 19 urban agglomerations cultivated by the state. It is also an important part of China’s two-horizontal and three-vertical urbanization strategy and a key area for the western development. . In the future, the development of the central Yunnan city cluster will be accelerated, opening to the outside world will be expanded, cooperation between China, South Asia and Southeast Asia will be strengthened, and better service and integration into the Belt and Road Initiative will be achieved.