Ganhaizi Meadow, Lijiang

After visiting the Ten-thousand-flower Camellia in Yufeng Temple, you go all the way east and get to the road to the snow mountain, then drive along the road northward. The road is changing with the rising of altitude. Obviously you are climbing. After getting over a hill, you arrive at an open meadow. This is the  Dry Sea Meadow, 25 kilometers away from the city town of Lijiang. 

Introduction of Ganhaizi Meadow

The Dry Sea Meadow or Ganhaizi Meadow is the first meadow you visit. It is at an altitude of above 3,000 meters. The sceneries here are:

The Dry Sea Meadow is located at the east side of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It’s the closest and best place to get a full view of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain at such a high altitude. The 13 peaks of the Snow Mountain line one after another from the north to the south, glittering under the sunshine. It is really lofty and magnificent. Shanzidou, the main peak, towers into the sky, just like a fan. It’s a majestic view. You can also watch the winding green glacier, situated above the snow line. You can clearly see and appreciate this “Green Miracle” of the modern glacier with telescopes.

The  Dry Sea Meadow is a natural pastureland. The land formation has not many risings and fallings. There are short pine trees here and there. Grasses and trees set off with each other. Occasionally herds of yaks are seen walking across the open meadow. It’s an authentic scenery of high mountain grazing-land. Setting off by the scene of the far away snow mountain, this is an ideal place for you to take pictures and view the beautiful sceneries.

Activities you can choose in Ganhaizi Meadow

There are many tour facilities, spreading all over the  Dry Sea Meadow like stars in the sky. It’s a great convenience for the tourists, who can do skiing, sliding on the sand or on the grass, gliding, car racing, horse racing, and towed gliding.

How to get to Ganhaizi

It’s located in the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area.
1. From Lijiang Old Down, you can take a bus from Yuhe Parking Lot near the northern gate. The bus leaves for the Snow Mountain at 8:30 and returns at 16:30; the bus fare costs CNY40 per person.
2. Visitors can charter a car /taxi / minivan from Lijiang downtown area to reach the Snow Mountain; it costs around CNY 200 for a round trip. Upon arrival, they can walk to Dry Sea.

Entrance Fee CNY 130 for entering the Snow Mountain. It also covers the entrance fee of major spots inside the scenic area, such as Blue Moon Valley, Spruce Meadow, and Glacier Park;
CNY 230 for a combo ticket (valid for two days), including the snow mountain, Yushui Village (also called Jade Water Village), Dongba Valley, Yufeng Temple, Yuzhu Qingtian Scenic Resort, Dongba Kingdom, Dongba Gods’ Garden and Baisha Mural).
Recommended Time for a Visit 20 minutes

The Best Time To Visit The Ganhaizi Meadow

The best time to visit Ganhaizi Meadow is during autumn and winter, especially in January, February and April, when the sky is clear and you can have a better view of the snow mountain the beautiful natural scenery.

Where to stay in Lijiang

Baisha Holiday Resort Lijiang, invested by Yunnan Exploration Travel, is located in Baisha Ancient Town in the Eastern Himalayas of Yunnan Province, in a plush valley at 2450m elevation, at the foothills of majestic, snow-capped Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Tours Including Ganhaizi Meadow

1 Day Jade Dragon Snow Mountain with Impression Lijiang Show 

1 Day Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Small Group Tour

Attractions Near Ganhaizi Meadow

Baisha Ancient Town

The Baisha Ancient Village is one of the oldest towns in Lijiang City. It got its name “Baisha” meaning “white sand” from the natural white sand in the area. It was the cradle-land of the Tusi Dynasty evolved from the Mu Clan. It was also the earliest settlement of the Naxi people. There are many ancient constructions built in the Ming Dynasty: the Dabaoji Palace, the Liuli Temple and the Wenchang Palace. The well-known Baisha Frescoes are situated in the Dabaoji Palace.

Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Course

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club is one of the icons of China golf. This Kunming golf course is set in the bottom of a valley that faces the famous Jade Dragon Snow Mountain that is 5596 meters (18,360 ft.) high. You can enjoy mountain views from almost every place on this Kunming golf course. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club is situated at 3100 meters (10,800 ft.) above see level, the second highest in the world and the highest in Asia. 

Jade Water Village or Yushuizhai in Lijiang

Yushuizhai is under the foot of the Yulong Snow Mountain, facing the ancient city of Lijiang, which is o­nly 15 kilometers from the city. The sacred water out of the Yushui Village brings up a generation after generation, giving them courage, wisdom and happiness.

Black Dragon Pool

Black Dragon Pool (also Heilongtan), or Jade Spring(Yuquan) Park is the main headwater of the Yushui River which goes through the Old Town. People believe that the gods of the Naxi people are living in the chestnut woods, beside the mouth of springs, behind the carved doors and below the bridges. The springs come from the god-protected mountains and gather in this place and finally form the dragon pool. Then water goes down a waterfall and becomes the Yuhe River, pouring life to the Old Town.

Dongba Valley

A trekking route leads to the amazing Dongba Valley. It is located at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and 15 kilometers away from Lijiang Old Town. The Dongba Valley is home and livelihood of Naxi people. Traditional houses of Naxi and other peoples are open to visit.

Admission Fee:¥230

Opening Hours:6:00-18:00 (May 1st to Oct. 31st); 6:30-18:00 (Nov. 1st to Apr. 30)

Attraction Transportation:Because there is no public bus, tourists need to charter a taxi / car/ mini-van or carpool together from the downtown area. The distance is around 10 miles (15 kilometers). It takes around 40 minutes. The round-trip charter rate is around CNY 200.