Shiyang Confucius Temple in Dayao County, Chuxiong

Why is Shiyang Confucius Temple So Special

Shiyang Confucius is a provincial-level key cultural relics protection unit, built in the first year of Hongwu(洪武) (1368 AD) of the Ming Dynasty. After more than 600 years of trials and hardships, the Zhuzi Pavilion(朱子阁), Songjing Pavilion(诵经阁), Xiangxian Ancestral Temple(乡贤祠), and Yuegong Arch Bridge(月拱桥), marble fresco, stone carvings, etc. are  reserved, with covering an area of nearly 1,000 square meters. The buildings are characterized by classic beauty and in elegant taste. The top of the entire temple is covered with yellow, red and green colored glaze. The doors are carved with grass, flowers, dragon, phoenix, tiger, fish, birds and so on, which are vivid.

The bronze statue of Confucius in the temple was cast in the Kangxi era of Qing Dynasty and lasted 9 years. It is 2.3 meters high and has a net weight of 2.5 tons. It is wearing a glass jade crown, and the hand is holding the ivory pilgrimage. The front side is sitting in the middle of Dacheng Hall. It is the famous bronze statue of Confucius in China. Its volume is large, the form is realistic, and the exquisiteness of the caster is unique.

Where is Shiyang Confucius Temple

Shiyang Confucius Temple is located in Shiyang Town, 36 kilometers west of Dayao County. It is also known as Dayao Confucius Bronze Statue.

How to Get There

After arriving in Dayao County, there are regular buses to Shiyang Town.

Best Time to Go

It is appropriate to visit Shiyang Confucius Temple at any time. It is a good place to experience the great ancient buildings.

Shiyang Confucius Temple in Dayao County, Chuxiong

Nearby Attractions

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Shiyang Ancient Town, also known as “Baijing(白井)”, called as“Yanfeng County(盐丰县)”in ancient times. It is located 35 kilometers northwest of Dayao County, Yunnan Province.  It is the famous “Salt Capital of Dian Country (滇国盐都), Holy Place to worship Confucius.” Confucian Culture, Salt Culture, Historical Culture, Yi Culture and Buddhist Culture constitute the characteristic tourism culture of Shiyang Ancient Town. 

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