Yunxian County

Yunxian County Overview

Chinese Name: 云县 English IPA: Yunxian County Location: The North of Lincang City Population (city): 450,000 Language: Yunxian county dialect Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Yunxian county(云县) is one of the counties under the jurisdiction of Lincang city, Yunnan province. The county is located in the northeast of Lincang city, the junction of Dali, Pu’er and Lincang. It is 457 kilometers away from Kunming, the provincial capital of Yunnan province and 80 kilometers away from Lincang city. The total area is 3760 square kilometers, covers 7 towns and 5 townships. The climate is low-altitude subtropical climate, which has average temperature of 19.1℃. Yunxian county is a mountainous county.

Highlights of Yunxian County

Attractive Natural Scenery: Natural scenery in Yun county is attractive, like Dahouzhai Ancient Woods(大侯寨古树群), Long Lake Scenic area(百里长湖风景区), Mamwan Hydropower station(漫湾电站) and Dachaoshan Hydropower Station(大朝山水电站).

Cultural Landscape: Yunxian county has the historical landscape like Duwenxiu General House(杜文秀部将府第), Sichuan Temple(川庙) and Yunxian county Revolutionary Martyrs Monument(云县革命烈士纪念碑)。

Ethnic Group: There are Han, Yi, Bai, Dai, Lahu, Bulang, Hui, Lisu and Miao etc, 23 ethnic groups.

Other Destinations in Yunxian County

    Yunxian County Attractions

    Located in southwest of Yunnan province, the east of Lincang City, Yunxian county is a remote and mysterious county. There are many natural landscapes waiting for your exploration.  Traditional ethnic villages like Houqing Village of Houqing Town(后箐乡后箐村), Maolan Village of Maolan Town(茂兰乡茂兰村), Wenfeng Village of Dazhai Town(大寨乡文丰村) and Bangxin Village of Xingfu Town(幸福镇邦信村) etc; Ethnic towns like Houqing Yi Ethnic Town(后箐彝族乡), Lishu Yi and Dai Ethnic Town(栗树彝族傣族乡) and Manghuai Yi and Bulang Ethnic Town(忙怀彝族布朗族乡) etc; Two hydropower stations, Mnawan Hydropower Station and Dachaoshan Hydropower Station; Human landscapes like Sichuan Temple in [...]

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    Yunxian County Tours

    Although tourism development is inadequate in Yunxian County, if you want to discover different ethnic groups and enjoy the simple natural scenery, going round Yunxian county is not a bad choice when you are traveling in Yunnan. What’s more, Yunxian county is an ideal spot to start your side trips to Pu'er, Dali and Lijiang etc as well as western China tours, such as Sichuan, Guizhou, etc and southeast Asian countries tours, such as Myanmar, Laos and Thailand, etc. Please check the [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Yunxian county is located in the southwest of Yunnan province, east of Lincang city, between east longitude 99°43'-100°33' and north latitude 23°56'-24°46'. It is on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. Therefore, Yunxian County belongs to low latitude plateau subtropical monsoon climate and warm temperate monsoon climate. Its annual average temperature is 19.1℃, the highest temperature is 26.9℃, the lowest temperature is 13.8℃. And the annual average precipitation is 1367.2 mm.  The Lancang River, mountains, river valleys and the thermal dam in Yunxian County have [...]

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    Yunxian County is located in the southwest Yunnan province, northeast of Lincang city, 515 kilometers away from the provincial capital Kunming, 75 kilometers away from Lincang city. On the west bank of Lancang River, Yunxian County is main passage from Lincang to Kunming. Xianglin highway, 214 state road and provincial road Yanggeng road(羊耿路), Yunbao road are through Yunxian County. In 2008, Yunxian County completed the construction task of 253.2 kilometers, rural passenger stations in 12 towns and townships were completed. [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    23 ethnic Minorities, which inhabit in Yunxian county, created a colorful ethnic culture. Participating in local festivals and activities is fun and interesting, and it is a favorable way to get closer to their people and cultures. Apart from traditional Chinese festivals, there are some local activities and festivals in Yunxian county. Here is basic information about some activities. 1. Caihua Festival(踩花节) "Caihua", which means looking for friends, takes place on the second to fifth day of the first lunar month and on June 25th [...]

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    Travel Tips

    Every place has its own characteristics, so we’ve offered you some travel tips about Yunxian county. Hope these information could be helpful for you. Useful Numbers Fire: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance: 120 Consumer Complaint: 12315 Tourist Complaint: 0883-3211304 Telephone Number Inquiry: 114  Weather Forecast: 121 Dress  Temperature in Winter could reduce to zero, therefore, warm clothes is needed to keep warm. In summer, a light coat is enough to prevent slight drop in Temperature. Sunscreen Located on the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau, the outdoor ultraviolet radiation is strong. We suggest carrying sun cream, hat and sunglasses [...]

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    Useful Maps

    Our Yunxian county maps cover different types of useful maps including Yunxian county location Map, Yunnan Province Map, Yunxian county tourist attractions map, Yunxian county region map, and so on to help you a better understanding of Yunxian county and plan your mysterious Yunxian county tour.  [...]

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    Yunxian County Accommodation

    Like most other counties in Lincang, there are seldom four-star and five-star hotels in Yunxian County. Also there aren't a great many hotels like Kunming and other big cities, since Yunxian county is a small county. However, here we have picked some hotels to help you stay in Yunxian county with comfort and leisure. Name Address Phone number Yunxian County Sanjiang Peninsula Hotel(云县三江半岛大酒店) Sangjiang Peninsula Housing Estate, East Nanhe Bridge, Aihua Town(爱华镇南河桥东侧三江半岛小区) 0883-3030888 Yunxian County Zheshang Hotel(云县浙商大酒店) Yunzhou Road, Wealth Center No. 75(云州路75号财富中心) 0883-3775555 Yunxian Xinyu Hotel(云县新宇大酒店) The crossing of Caopi [...]

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