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Chinese Name: 江川区 English IPA: Location: Population (city): Language: Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Jiangchuan District (江川区) is located in Yuxi, Yunnan Province, just north of Fuxian Lake. Jiangchuan is contiguous to Hongta district in the southwest and neighbors Jinning county and Chengjiang county in the northwest. Enjoying the favorable climate and fertile land, Jiangchuan is known as the “Land of Plenty” and “Hometown of Yunnan Tobacco”. It is also the place of bronze ware. With the charming landscape and rich tourism resources, Jiangchuan is the ideal attraction of Yunnan.



Bronze Ware Tour: There are many rare bronze wares founded in Lijiashan of Jiangchuan, like Ox-tiger Table (牛虎铜案). Travelers can overview them in the Lijiashan Bronze Museum.

Charming Landscape: Beside Fuxianhu Lake, there are many favorable places such as Hiamen Park, Luchong Village.

History Sites: Jiangchaun enjoys the long and profound history and splendid culture, such as Biyun Temple, Biyun Mountain and Taishan Academy.

Other Destinations in Jiangchuan District

    Jiangchuan District Attractions

    Jiangchuan, known as the“Land of Plenty” and “Hometown of Yunnan Tobacco”, is an ancient town enjoying many bronze wares of the ancient time and history sites. It also offers the charming landscape and rich tourism resources. Travelers can enjoy the leisurely life pace in the ethnic villages, experiencing their lives. Jiangchuan top attractions include Haimen Village of Jiangcheng Town, Lijiashan Bronze Museum, Anhua Yi Ethnic Town, Biyun Mountain and Haimen Park etc. [...]

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    Jiangchuan District Tours

    Yunnan Exploration elaborately arranges some tour packages of Jiangchuan for traveler, which covers main attractions of Jiangchuan like Lijiashan Bronze Museumas well as other top destinations in Yunnan. Most of the tours lasts several days because there are many attractions which are worthy to visit. We have tour packages covers the unique bronze culture, charming landscape and splendid fishing culture. Moreover, tours of Jiangchuan can be customized according to your specific needs. [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Climate & When to Go, Jiangchuan District , China Climate & When to Go

    Jiangchuan district enjoys the the sub-tropical semi-arid plateau monsoon climate, without heat in summer and  freezing in winter. Jiangchuan district has dry and wet season. Climate Graph The driest month is January, with 12 mm of rainfall. With an average of 176 mm, the most precipitation falls in August. Temperature Graph The warmest month of the year is June, with an average temperature of 24.3 °C. January has the lowest average temperature of the year. It is 12.2 °C. Climate Graph The difference in precipitation between [...]

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    Transportation, Jiangchuan District , China Transportation

    By the end of 2004, the total mileage of highways and roads had reached 15113 kilometers, of which 232.7 kilometers are highways and the annual transport capacity of passengers and freight reached 10.316 million and 20.568 million respectively. You can choose Train or bus to Hongta District in Yuxi. You can choose train get to Yuxi then take bus to Jiangchuan, or take bus from Kunming to Jiangchuan. ♦How to Get in Jiangchuan District  1.By Air Travelers can fly to Kunming Changshui Airport (昆明长水机场), [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    Jiangchuan has a long history of fishing.Local people also hold the special fishing festival to show the splendid fishing culture. The featured festivals of Jiangchuan also include the ethnic festival like Torch Festival of Yi people. Festivals The Fishing Festival and Plateau Aquatic Products Fair in Jiangchuan County, Yuxi (江川开渔节/高原湖泊水产品交易会) Jiangchuan enjoys the splendid fishing culture and unique fishing resources, with long and profound history. In this festival, thousands of boats complete in Xingyun Lake. Torch Festival of Yi People (彝族火把节) The Torch Festival is [...]

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    Travel Tips

    1.Where to Stay in Jiangchuan District Shengyang Fashion Hotel (江川盛阳时尚酒店 ) Yuquan Hotel (玉溪玉泉酒店) Estay lnc (一呆公寓·抚仙湖九龙晟景) Yuboyuan Hotel (玉溪玉波苑酒店) Star Stay Hotel (玉溪天辰酒店)   2.What to Visit in Jiangchuan District 1.Haimen Village of Jiangcheng Town in Jiangchuan District, Yuxi (玉溪市江川区江城镇海门村) 2.Hebai Village of Jiuxi Town in Jiangchuan District, Yuxi (玉溪市江川区九溪镇罗合白村) 3.Lijiashan Bronze Museum in Jiangchuan County, Yuxi (江川县李家山青铜器博物馆) 4.Anhua Yi Ethnic Town of Jiangchuan District in Yuxi (江川区安化彝族乡) 5.Hiamen Park in Jiangchuan County, Yuxi (江川县界鱼石公园/海门公园) 6.Luchong Village in Jiangchuan County, Yuxi (江川县禄充村) 7.Biyun Mountain in Jiangchuan County, Yuxi (江川县碧云山) 8.Taishan Academy in Jiangchuan County, Yuxi (江川县台山书院) 9.Biyun Temple in Jiangchuan County, Yuxi (江川县碧云寺)   3.Best Time to Visit [...]

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    Useful Maps

    To help you have a better understanding about Jiangchuan, and plan a Jiangchuan tour easily, Yunnan Exploration offers some very useful Jiangchuan tourist maps, including Jiangchuan location maps, region maps, Jiangchuan attractions mas, maps of scenic spots around Jiangchuan, which may be helpful in your Jiangchuan travel. [...]

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    Jiangchuan District Accommodation

    As the popular destination of Yuxi, Jiangchuan enjoys the favorable accommodation in general. Most of them offers high-quality facilities and complete services. Yunnan Exploration offers some recommended hotels in Jiangchuan. ♦Four-star Hotel Shengyang Fashion Hotel (江川盛阳时尚酒店 ) Address: Jiangtong Road, Jiangchuan District, Yuxi City Tel: 0877-8081999 Yuquan Hotel (玉溪玉泉酒店) Address: No.33 Fuxian Road, Jiangchuan District, Yuxi City Tel: 0877-8021599 Estay lnc (一呆公寓·抚仙湖九龙晟景) Address: Jiulongwan, West Bank of Fuxianhu Lake, Jiangchuan District, Yuxi City Tel: 18787733698    ♦Three-star Hotel Yuboyuan Hotel (玉溪玉波苑酒店) Address: Gusahn Scenic Area, Xiaomagou Village, Jiangchuan District, Yuxi City Tel: 0877-8551258 Star Stay Hotel (玉溪天辰酒店) Address: No.6 Xingyun [...]

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