Dongba Shiluo Temple of Yushuizhai in Lijiang

Dongba Shiluo Temple

The Dongba Shiluo Temple is located in the Jade Water Village Scenic Area of ​​Lijiang. It is an important place for the Dongba Conference, the largest activity of the Naxi traditional Dongba ritual. During the period, the main offerings were grain, ghee, sesame oil, and livestock, but not for wild animals. In front of the Zhengge, it is an incense burner that burns incense.
Above the top of Dongba Shiluo Temple, is a personal guardian. There are two guards on both sides of the Dongba Shiluo, the left side is Dupang Xigen, and the right is Wuhan Bairu. On the north and south sides of the Dongba Shiluo, they are the five high-ranking apprentices of Dongba Shiluo.

Dongba Shiluo

The whole life of Dongba Shiluo is vicissitude. His father and mother were ordinary people, but Dongba Shiluo was extremely smart. Before he was born, he was talking to his mother in his mother’s stomach. The demon knew this and was shocked and wanted to kill Dongba Shiluo. Dongba Shiluo certainly knew the tricks of the demon. He was born from the left armpit of his mother. However, Dongba Shiluo was unable to escape and was killed by the demon. Later, the gods Shaoying Wude(少英五德) rescued the soul of Dongba Shiluo, and brought him to the Heaven Scripture Manager Pangdu Shaomei(上天经文总管旁都少美), studying the Book of Heaven. Dongba Shiluo made it. Then the beautiful book was given to the Dongba Shiluo by Pangdu Shaomei, who let him return to the world to serve the people. Since the return of the Book of Heaven by Dongba Shiluo, the Naxi Dongba culture, such as ethics, morality, folk customs, were based on the book. The Naxi people must follow the scriptures. Because Dongba Shiluo is the ancestor of the Naxi Dongba, people who are engaged in sacrificial activities and master the Naxi scriptures are disciples of Dongba Shiluo. Later generations called them Dongba.

Dongba Shiluo Temple of Yushuizhai in Lijiang

The way to worship

The Naxi culture is also the Dongba culture. In the traditional Dongba rituals of the Naxi people, Dongba Conference will be the biggest activity. During the period, the main offerings were grain, ghee, sesame oil, and livestock, but not for wild animals. In front of the Dongba Shiluo Temple , it is an incense burner. Each person burns three pillars of incense, first people need to insert the incense stick into the incense burner, and then bow their heads to worship and make a offering. The goods and money provided can be measured according to the condition of their own financial resources without affecting their normal life. Because Dongba Shiluo is generous and kind, people with poor economic conditions only need to burn three pillars of incense and express sincerity. Under normal circumstances, large families should kill pigs and slaughter sheep, then offer the gold, silver and pearls. People who have no ability to work or the begger just burn three pillars of incense, and Dongba Shiluo will bless them and let them realize their wishes. If the foreigner worships Dongba Shiluo and comes to worship him, he can bring items on the Naxi land, such as earth, wood, gold and silver jewelry. He need to ask Dongba to open it and store it personally. Dongba will let him become his subject, let them be safe and happy in the world, prosper and develop, avoid disasters, and live long and healthy. Dongba Shiluo struggled with demons and ghosts in his life, fighting all the disasters of the human world, and seeking happiness for the people of the world.


Take the No. 8 bus to the Jinjia market (the fare is 5), and transfer to the minivan (the fare is 5 yuan) to go to Jade Water Village.
Lijiang Jade Water Village is 12 kilometers away from Lijiang County, so it only takes 30 yuan to take taxi from Lijiang City.

Travel Tips

What to Pack
Travel light when strolling in the old town. Bring a camera with you that you can take photos along the way. Sunlight is very strong in Lijiang, wear sun protection such as hats, sunglasses and use sun block, etc.
Photography Tips
To shoot some amazing photos of Jade Water Village, photographers should not miss Naxi architecture and Naxi Ancient Music performance. It is better shoot in the early morning and late afternoon.

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