Fuyuanchang Puer Tea (Gaozhuang Branch) in Xishuangbanna



Fuyuanchang, a century-old brand of pu ‘er tea. Yu Fusheng (late 19th century-1945), founder of the Fuyuanchang, established the brand during the Republic of China. Yu Fusheng is diligent, honest, and well-selected. He makes excellent tea products and has earned a high reputation.”Fuyuanchang” tea house was listed as one of the four famous tea houses of the year. The century-old Fuyuanchang Round Tea also enjoys the reputation of ‘Puer Tea King’. It is the holder of the highest record among the best-quality tea lot currently stored. 


Fuyuanchang Tea Factory carries the history and glory of Pu’er Tea “Fuyuanchang”, and is determined to pass on the century-old Fuyuanchang tea-making skills and spiritual and cultural essence. Based on the world’s tea source and Pu’er tea’s origin-Xishuangbanna, they have been adhering to ingenuity, adhering to nature and respect for tea, using pure high-quality raw materials, and inheriting the essence of ancient techniques to restore an authentic and spiritual Fuyuanchang round tea.


“An amazing Pu’er tea time-honored brand. A well-known cloth shop. A vocal night city. A piece of wood of great value. A small pot of sprouts. A variety of books. And a group of little beautiful girls … “This is the tea culture scholar Zhou Chonglin’s description of the Fuyuanchang Gaozhuang Experience Museum. In Xishuangbanna, the origin of Pu’er tea, in this old Pu’er tea’s old-fashioned tea space, there is a unique aesthetic of tea life, and a desire to transmit the beauty of tea life. In this space, spreading beauty and goodwill, affecting more people, living with tea party beauty, creating a refined life, and making yourself warmer and better. Here is a collection of Pu’er tea time-honored brands, commoner’s hall, and tea library.

Here, you can learn about Fu Yuanchang Hekai Tea House, which is located in the oldest Lahu village in the Brown Mountains.Here, you can see the ancient tea garden in Xishuangbanna, which is the best preserved, with the largest area and the most ornamental value.