He Guowei – Inheritor of Naxi Dongba Culture in Yulong County, Lijiang


He Guowei (和国伟) was born in 1951, and he is Naxi ethnic minority, a member of Laoding village Daju Township, Lijiang City.(丽江大具乡劳丁村人).

Personal Experiences

He was a ninth-generation ancestor of Dongba and began to learn art at the age of twelve. Grandfather A Chong’an, father He Yuhe, uncles and grandfather are all famous old Dongba in the area. As a child, he loved the traditional culture and art of his own nation. Under the influence of the hereditary Dongba family and his diligent learning process, he mastered many singing tunes, dance performances and ritual performances of “sacrifice to heaven”, “sacrifice to god” and “sacrifice to wind” in Dongba Hall.


  • Yunnan intangible cultural heritage inheritor;
  • Lijiang Dongba inheritance Association executive director;
  • Lijiang Civil Artists Association executive director.

Chinese Version: http://www.ynich.cn/view-ml-13111-2931.html                                                                                              Translated by Lynette Fu/ 付云锐