Jinuo Mountain Village in Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna

Xishuangbanna Jinuo Mountain Village

These Jinuo people primarily live in Jinuo Mountain, Jinghong City of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, where the tropical mountainous area enjoys a warm climate and ample rainfall. They live in bamboo buildings hidden among green leaves. In their own language, Jinuo means “the ethnic group that respects the uncle”. The mountain villages are built on the top of the mountain or at half mountainside. Surrounded by the forest, it has unique tropical rainforest sights. Around is the national nature reserve, you can fall across various animals and hear the singing of birds when traveling in the mountain villages.

Why is Jinuo Mountain Village so special?

Jinuo Mountain Village is the traditional ethnic culture protection area of Xishuangbanna Prefecture. It is the essential window to learn more about Jinuo culture and also the only one place to show Jinuo culture through local performance. Jinuo Mountain is also the famous tea mountain.

Where is Jinuo Mountain Village?

Situated in Jinghong City popedom, Jinuo Mountain has a circumference of over 600 kilometers. As one of six mountain hills of Pu’er Tea, over 18,000 diligent and brave Jinuo people reside here.

23 km from Jinghong City
6 km from Mengyang
3 km from the government of Jinuo Township

How to Get to Jinuo Mountain Village?

There are buses to Jinuo Mountain Village in Banna Passenger Station in Jinghong City. Travelers can take this bus and get off in Jinuo Mountain Village scenic area. Ticket is 10 yuan.

Main Attractions

There are diverse fantastic performance and show of their local culture and traditional life style. Bapo Village is the heart of Jinuo Mountain Village. It is the integration of ethnic flavor, history and culture, costume and charming landscape. Travelers can view featured architecture, fantastic performance and traditional activities like the Drum Gate, Sacrifice Ceremony to Ancestors, Cloth-dyeing, Jinuo Culture Museum etc. Travelers can have a different feeling here.

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Nearby Attractions

Xishuangbanna Primeval Forest Park

Xishuangbanna Primeval Forest Park, also called Xishuangbanna Virgin Forest Park,  is 8 kilometers east of the Jinghong City and north of the Lancang River. Situated in a river valley of 720 to 1,355 meters above sea level, the forest park has an area of 1,700 hectares of which 98% is covered by trees, and is thus the largest comprehensive ecological place of interest in the prefecture. The park gives prominence to the features of primeval forest, wild animals and ethnic culture and custom. It is highlighted by three major themes: primeval forest, wild animals and ethnic folklore. And you can also enjoy and play a part in the local ethnic activities such as the Dai Water Splashing Festival, Aini capture marriage custom and the grand ethnic performances.

Jinghong Wild Elephant Valley

Jinghong Wild Elephant Valley Forest Park (Chinese name: 野象谷公园) is a special theme park for Wild Asian Elephant sightseeing and observing and rainforest sightseeing. Wild Elephants Valley covers an area of 369 hectares by the Sancha River in Mengyang Town, and is situated 47 kilometers north of the city of Jinghong. With hills rolling gently at an altitude ranging between 747 and 1055 metres, the valley is covered by tropical rain forests, crisscrossed by rivers and streams, and teeming with such endangered species as Asian wild elephants, wild oxen, green peacocks and monkeys.

Ganlanba Dai Minority Park 

Ganlanba Dai Minority Park (Chinese name: 橄榄坝傣族园) is located in the southeast direction of Jinghong. It is a dwelling place for Dai minority people cause they have lived there generations to generations. Thus, the dense Dai minority culture can be found here. Ganlanba can be a representative to experience both the minority culture and the tropical atmosphere. Because Ganlanba with the lowest altitude which is about 530m in Yunnan, it is the hottest place. The hot climate makes Ganlanba as a rich fruits production area. Ganlanba in Xishuangbanna culture means “the imperial gardening village”. Inside it, there are two large villages called Man Chun Man (means flowers village) and Man Ting (means fruits village) separately. No matter which village you choose to visit, you can appreciate the typical Myanmar temple and Dai bamboo house.

Manting Park

Manting Park, also called Chunhuan Park,Chinese name: 春欢公园 or 曼听公园) is the oldest garden in Xishuangbanna area, which covers an area of 23,540 square meters. It used to be the imperial garden in ancient times. Its name “Chunhuan” in Dai language means “Soul”. The whole park can be divided into 8 sightseeing areas, they are National Cultural Square, Liana Zone, Tropical Orchid Garden, Peacock Garden, Lake Area and Buddhism Cultural Zone, Tree Planting Zone and Tea Garden. In the day time, people can appreciate the beauty of varied tropical plants and creatures, but at night, a different experience can let the tourists get a closer look of local customs and culture – Minority Dancing Show and Bonfire Party.

Best Time to Visit

Belonging to tropical rainforest climate, Xishuangbanna’s dry season is from November to April the next year and rainy season is from May to October. With annual average temperature of 21c, it has long summer and no winter. With cool and pleasant four seasons, the best time for traveling Xishuangbanna is from October to April the next year. 

Useful Travel Tips

●It is better to prepare some mosquito products and sun block in case of insects and sunlight.
Respect the local customs of Dai and other minorities. 
●Do not touch the head of local monks.
●It is better to take T-shirt, short and slippers becauce it is too hot in Xishuangbanna.