Qinglong Bridge in Fengqing County, Lincang


Qinglong Bridge is about 60 kilometers northeast away of Fengqing County. Founded in the Qing Dynasty Qianlong 26 years (1761), Jiaqing Nineteen years (1814), Daoguang 24 years (1844) twice, after many repairs. The bridge body is 15.64 meters high from the river surface. The bridge body is composed of 16 iron cables, with wooden planks on top, 5 pavilions at each end, and several embankments on the bank. Azure Dragon Bridge is an important passageway in southwestern Yunnan and the only ancient bridge on the Lancang River.

Three Wonders in Architecture:

1. Qinglong Bridge fixed cable do not open a path, first in the cliff in a U-shaped “ox nose” cave, the blacksmith hand forged 16 strands of wire through the hole, and then stone piers high up, across the river. The unique value of this hole in the history of bridge architecture, this is the “cow’s nose hole.”
2. There are 16 strands in Qinglong Bridge with 14 in the lower, 2 in the upper, distribution on both sides, the whole bridge high center, both ends low, like flying rainbow, flying across the banks, this is “The rainbow flew over the bridge”.
3. Qinglong Bridge has a bridge at both ends of the corridor, bridge floor, corridor, connected, white wall green tile, cornices, corridor for pedestrians to take shelter from the rain, with columns overlooking Lancang River scenery; buildings can make soldiers stay watch. And the two sides of the post road, the door closed in the morning, even a husband when the river, thousands of troops and horses also difficult to capture the trend, into a kind of landscape.

Related Characters

1. Xu Xiake (徐霞客)

Qinglong Bridge in Fengqing County, Lincang

Xu Xiake (1586-1641), the Han Nationality, a great ancestor, the character inspires it, number rosy cloud guest, Jiangsu Jiangyin person. Ming Dynasty, geographer, traveller and writer. He 600,000 characters which writes after 30 year inspection “Xu Xiake Travel notes”, opened in the geography the system observation nature, the description natural new direction; Is not only the system inspects the motherland landform geology the geography famous work, is also describes China scenery resources traveling great, the writing exquisite literature excellent work, in domestic and foreign has the profound influence.

2. Zhao Youxin (赵又新)

Zhao Youxin (1881-1920), the original name of Fuxiang, the word Fengjie, Fengqing people. He studied at Fengshan College at an early age and was a 15-year-old disciple of Ph. D. Since childhood, clever and studious, in the “Yue Wu Mu Fu Zhao classes Fu” in the Lin examination, to a wood, Song room of the peace has been determined; a hundred years of hate, the end of the hero, such as the famous sentence, showing its bright love and hate and agile talent. The Reform Movement of 1898 failed, the country internal and external troubles, Zhao every time to talk about state affairs, said impassionately: big husband can not be like Ban Chao to make contributions to other areas, should also learn to fight and die in the field of horse aid.

3. Luo Jinan (罗稷南)

Luo Jinan, formerly known as Chen Qianhua, number Chen Xiaohang, also known as Chen Ziying. Fengqing (Shunning) County, Yunnan Fengshan Town New Town people. He graduated from the philosophy Department of Peking University in 1923. He has served as the first Middle School in Yunnan Province, the first Middle School in Harbin, the Fan Guowen teacher in the first Division of Jilin Province, the head of the propaganda Section of the 101st Division of the National Revolutionary Army, the secretary of the Division of the 28th Division of the third Army, the Secretary of the General Command of the 19th Route Army, Chief of staff of Fujian people’s revolutionary government, manager of reading and living publishing house, member of southwest military and government committee, secretary of secretariat of shanghai branch of china association of writers and artists. Published works in 1922 He joined the Chinese Writers Association in 1952. Graduated from Peking University, served as President of Xiamen University, proficient in English, Russian.

Nearby Atrractions

Shuhe Old Town

Four kilometers (2 miles) to the northwest of the Lijiang Old Town, at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, lies a compact village hidden in the forest, the Shuhe Ancient Town. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) has listed it as an important component of Lijiang as it is a well-preserved example of a town along the ancient tea route and one of the earliest settlements of the ancestors of Naxi people. It is called ‘the hometown of springs’.

The Climate of Qinglong Bridge

The climate in Qinglong Bridge is mild, and generally warm and temperate. In summer, there is much more rainfall in Qinglong Bridge than in winter. The annual average temperature of Qinglong Bridge is 16.5 ℃, precipitation here averages 1051 mm. Qinglong Bridge enjoys subtropical monsoon climate, rain and heat over the same period, with characteristic dry and wet season. It offers a mild climate, abundant sunshine, enough rainfall, wet and dry seasons. It famous for “how high the mountain is, how deep the water is and Four Seasons just like the spring”. Three-dimensional weather conditions gave birth to the complex and diverse ecological environment and vegetation types of Qinglong Bridge.


Fengqing as “North Gate” of Lingcang, its external transportation has exit of east, west, south and north four directions, which plays a role of bridge and bond between Lincang  and central and northwest Yunnan. Travel 39 kilometers toward the southeast to Yun County, and then it can be connected to Dali, Chuxiong and kunming by national highway 214 to the northeast. The southwest exit of fengqing can reach the sino-myanmar border through Guodazhai-Yongde-Zhenkang county. you can reach Nanjian from the east of Fengqing through Xiaowan hydropower station. From the passage of Fengqing northwest, there is an exit, that is the provincial road from Fengqing to Baoshan area. It makes Fengqing, Baoshan and Dali form a traffic circle. Such a traffic circle is very beneficial to the development of Fengqing tourism market and the organization of tour routes.

Fengqing Bus terminal(凤庆汽车客运站)
Address: Fengwu Road(凤梧路), Fengshan Town(凤山镇), Fengqing County
Tel: 0883-4211289

Tips: If you would like to get around the County(Here is the area of Fengshan Town), you can take a taxi, it’s quite convenient and time-saving. You can also by bus, but there are few bus routes in Fengqing county, it is often crowded on the bus.  In addition, there is a special vehicle, tricycle. It is easily available and it costs less than taxi.