Cangshan Mountain & Erhai Lake: ‘Waste’ Life Here

I decided to go to Dali for my summer vacation due to the movie “Breakup Buddies”. In order to see the beautiful scenery in different season, I went there again。

Dali was a beautiful city with diverse culture, clean and neat environment. The pretty Cangshan Mountain looked like a painted screen, the elegant Erhai Lake was as bright and beautiful as a mirror,the clouds floated in the sky looked like marshmallows… Although this was the normal scene of Dali, every one can catch the best and new scenery of Dali every time when he came.


People would be  amazed by the colorful culture and traditions of Bai ethnic group in Dali. I appreciated the special structure of Bai’s architecture, especially the big stone screen stood in yard in every house. Because it represented good luck and safeness.

In addition, tasted the featured Bai snacks, got in-depth into the Bai people’s fishing villages and experienced the local life was my favorite thing to do in Dali. It made me feel relax and peaceful.

Every time I went to Dali, I always took a leisure walk in Dali ancient town, did some hiking in Cangshan Mountain,cruised on Erhai Lake or sited quietly by the lake, watched the sunset going down… I really wanted to live there without any rush and “waste” my whole life there.