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Chinese Name: 坝美村 English IPA: Bamei Village Location: Guangnan County of Wenshan Population (city): Over 600 persons Language: Zhuang Language Zip code: 663300 Tel code: 0876 Time zone:

Bamei Village(坝美) is located at the border of Yunnan Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guangnan is a typical karst area. It is a heaven of peace and happiness, like in the poem of Tao Yuanming (陶渊明). The idyllic Zhuang village of Bamei is located about 40km north-west of Guangnan in the south-eastern part of the Yunnan Province. The magnificent landscape around Bamei can be compared with the impressive and famous Karst landscape of Yangshuo in the Guangxi province. It seems that over hundreds of years the secluded village of Bamei was forgotten by the outside world. The modern world reached Bamei only in 2006 when it got connected to electricity. It is an ideal place for you to meet the past and forget the flying time.  It seems that over hundreds of years the secluded village of Bamei was forgotten by the outside world.


Idyllic Landscape: Bamei enjoys the diverse karst landform, harmonious lake and cave, mysterious villages for you, like Giant Banyan Tree and Tangna Cave.

Mysterious Village: Bamei is isolated and mysterious village, only accessible by boat.

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    Bamei Village Attractions

    Bamei, the cave in the forest, the village is hard to find because of its unique location.It is surrounded by hills, and visitors have to travel by small boat through a long, dark limestone tunnel.When you emerge from the tunnel you will be amazed. In a hidden valley, in a grove of green bamboos and old trees, lies Bamei Village. A blue stream gently flows by, and hard-working farmers silently till the green fields. It's a picture of another lost [...]

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    Bamei Village Tours

    Yunnan Exploration elaborately arranges some Bamei tour, which will give you different but approving experience. The most interesting thing about the village is that people have to go through a deep and sombrous water cave by boat whenever they want go in and out. Travelers can view the karst landform, charming lake, booing flowers and ancient village. Moreover, tours of Bamei can be customized according to your specific needs.   [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Climate & When to Go, Bamei Village , China Climate & When to Go

    The climate in Bamei is mild, and generally warm and temperate. There is significant rainfall throughout the year in Maguan. Even the driest month still has a lot of rainfall. According to Köppen and Geiger, this climate is classified as Cfa. The average annual temperature in Maguan is 17.4 °C. Precipitation here averages 1415 mm. Climate Graph Precipitation is the lowest in January, with an average of 10 mm. Most precipitation falls in July, with an average of 332 mm.  Temperature Graph At an [...]

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    Transportation, Bamei Village , China Transportation

    It is not very convenient to get to Bamei since it is isolaed from other places. As Bamei is far away from cities, you'd better take a coach from Kunming to Guangnan County firstly. Then rent car to a village named Fali. Then you have to walk about 1 kilometer (about 0.62 miles) to arrive at the entry-cave. How to Get in Bamei Village 1.By air Air Transport Wenshan Puzhehei Airport (IATA: WNH, ICAO: ZPWS) is an airport serving Wenshan City in Yunnan Province, China. [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    In this isolated and idyllic place, travelers can enjoy the traditional festivals with local Zhuang people. They keep the original custom. Sanyuesan Festival of Zhuang People (壮族三月三) Sanyuesan is the grandest festival of Zhuang people, representing the Luoyue 骆越 culture. Zhuangs hold many games and performances during the festival. Colored Glutinous Rice (Huamifan) Festival of Zhuang Ethnic Minority (壮族花米饭节) The first day of sixth lunar month is Colored Glutinous Rice (Huamifan) Festival. Zhuang people make colored rice this day and enjoy it together. Chixin (Changxin) Festival [...]

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    Travel Tips

    1.Where to Stay in Bamei Village Under the Darongshu Inn (大榕树下客栈) Lvmandao Inn (绿满岛) Yuanxiyuan Guest House (缘溪园客栈) Fuliang Agritainment (福亮农家)   2.What to Visit in Bamei Village Bamei Village in Guangnan County, Wenshan (广南坝美村) Giant Banyan Tree of Bamei Village in Guangnan County, Wenshan (广南县坝美千年大榕树) Tangna Cave of Bamei Village in Guangnan County, Wenshan (广南县坝美村汤那洞)   3.Best Time to Visit Bamei The best time to visit Bamei is from March to September. In spring, the valley fulls of booming peach blossom and the rape covering all over the mountains and plains. Travelers can appreciate the idyllic [...]

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    Useful Maps

    To help you have a better understanding about Bamei, and plan a Bamei tour easily, Yunnan Exploration offers some very useful Bamei tourist maps, including Bamei location maps, region maps, Bamei attractions mas, maps of scenic spots around Bamei, which may be helpful in your Bamei travel. [...]

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    Bamei Village Accommodation

    Bamei itself offers only very basic accommodation. For those who want to enjoy local life, living with a local family is a good choice. But the condition might be quite rough because of the isolated and undeveloped village. You can also leave Bamei and stay in Guangnan County. Agritainment  Under the Darongshu Inn (大榕树下客栈) Lvmandao Inn (绿满岛) Yuanxiyuan Guest House (缘溪园客栈) Fuliang Agritainment (福亮农家) You can also check more about Guangnan Hotel. [...]

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