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Funing, located in southeast of Yunnan Province, is the important gate to Guangxi and Guangdong. There are 6 nationalities in Funing County, covering Zhuang, Han, Miao, Yao, Yi and Gelao. It is also the essential part of Youjiang Revolutionary Base founded by Deng Xiaoping. Funing was titled as old revolutionary base area by the Central Government. Enjoying the natural treasures, fertile land, charming mountains and rivers, it is the ideal tourist destination.


Natural Landscape: Funing County enjoys gifts of nature and travelers can visit Tuoniangjiang River, Tianhu Lake Scenic Area, Qinghuadong Scenic Area and Puyang Waterfall in Funing County.

Ethnic Villages: With the colorful ethnic culture, Funing offers many traditional ethnic villages, Laojie Sanzhai Village of Guichao Town, Laojie Sanzhai Village of Guichao Town and  Poya Village of Boai Town in Funing County, Wenshan Prefecture.

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    Funing County Attractions

    Funing County, emphasizes on ethnic culture and charming landscape which is away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Travelers can enjoy the leisurely life pace in the ethnic villages. There are also top attractions of Funing County like Tuoniangjiang River, Tianhu Lake Scenic Area, Qinghuadong Scenic Area and Puyang Waterfall in Funing County. Festivals of the Zhuang and Miao ethnic minorities are big events in Funing. We suggest travelers take part in these festivals because it’s a good chance to [...]

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    Funing County Tours

    Yunnan Exploration elaborately arranges some tour packages of Funing County for traveler, which covers main attractions of Funing like Tuoniangjiang River, Tianhu Lake Scenic Area as well as other top destinations in Yunnan. Most of the tours lasts several days because there are so many places which is worthy to visit, such as Dali and Lijiang. Moreover, tours of Funing County can be customized according to your specific needs.   [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Funing County enjoys the subtropical monsoon climate. The climate in Funing County is warm and temperate. The rainfall in Funing is significant, with precipitation even during the driest month. This location is classified as Cfa by Köppen and Geiger. The average temperature in Funing is 20.5 °C. The average annual rainfall is 1302 mm. Check following and you will know more about weather of Funing County. Climate Graph The driest month is January, with 12 mm of rain. In August, the [...]

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    Highways are the major means of transportation in Funing County. There are also the high-speed train. Also you can choose the air. Almost all buses of the two Passenger Transportation Stations are installed with air-conditioners, and are in good conditions. In general, it is convenient for travelers to get in Funing Coounty and get around. How to Get in  1.By air Wenshan Puzhehei Airport Wenshan Puzhehei Airport (IATA: WNH, ICAO: ZPWS) is an airport serving Wenshan City in Yunnan Province, China. The Puzhehei Airport [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    Funing County enjoys diverse ethnic groups, also the featured festivals. If you step on Funing County, you can meet the tradition custom of ethnic groups in the activities of Funing County. Check following and find more detailed information of festivals of Funing County.   ♦Sanyuesan Festival of Zhuang People (壮族三月三) Sanyuesan is the grandest festival of Zhuang people, representing the Luoyue 骆越 culture. Zhuangs hold many games and performances during the festival.   ♦Huashan Festival of Miao People (苗族花山节)   Huashan Festival is the most [...]

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    Travel Tips

    Where to Stay 1.Poya Hotel of Funing County (富宁坡芽大酒店) 2.Benwei Hotel of Funing County (富宁本位酒店) 3.Jianshe Hotel of Funing County (富宁县建设宾馆) 4.Ouyi Theme Hotel (文山欧艺主题酒店 )    What to Visit 1.Tuoniangjiang River in Funing County, Wenshan (富宁驮娘江景区) 2.Tianhu Lake Scenic Area in Funing County, Wenshan (富宁天湖壮景生态旅游区) 3.Qinghuadong Scenic Area in Funing County, Wensha (富宁县清华洞旅游区) 4.Puyang Waterfall in Funing County, Wenshan (富宁县清华洞旅游区) 5.Dongbo Yao Ethnic Town of Funing County in Wenshan Prefecture (富宁县洞波瑶族乡) 6.Longmai Village of Banlun Town in Funing County, Wenshan (富宁县板仑乡龙迈村) 7.Poya Village of Boai Town in Funing County, Wenshan Prefecture (富宁县剥隘镇甲村村委员会坡芽村) 8.Laojie Sanzhai Village of Guichao Town in Funing [...]

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    Useful Maps

    To help you have a better understanding about Funing County of Weshan, and plan a Funing tour easily, Yunnan Exploration offers some very useful Funing tourist maps, including Funing County location maps, region maps, Funing attractions mas, maps of scenic spots around Funing, which may be helpful in your Funing travel.   [...]

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    Funing County Accommodation

    There is no luxury and star-level hotel in Funing County. If you want a better stay, you can stay in Wenshan City. Yunnan Exploration arranges best hotels in Funing County for you. Travelers can choose the hotel according your requirements. 1.Poya Hotel of Funing County (富宁坡芽大酒店) Address: No.28 Yingbin Road, Funing County, Wenshan Prefecture Tel: 0876-6938888  2.Benwei Hotel of Funing County (富宁本位酒店) Address: No.9 South Ring Road, Funing County, Wenshan Prefecture Tel: 0876-6361888 3.Jianshe Hotel of Funing County (富宁县建设宾馆) Address: Fuzhou Square, Northern Puting Road, Funing County, Wenshan Prefecture Tel: 876-6123886 4.Ouyi [...]

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