Huquan Water World in Mile City, Honghe

Huquan Water World offers a wide range of water slides and rides for all ages. After experiencing the thrills of the water rides, visitors can relax in one of the many Jacuzzis. The water park also organizes dance and music performances and interactive games.

Share my personal experience with you: Generally speaking, the facilities are complete and novel, and the stimulation is strong. There are many facilities in the children’s area for baby to play, which is worth visiting. Warm Tip: Sun exposure remember to do a good job of sunscreen work, you can wear sunscreen clothes, slippers, bath products with you! Eat a little expensive can finish lunch and then go in (can save some money), there is no free supply, mineral water 10 yuan a bottle (centenarian mountain) is still high-end, tired or to add water, tickets are out to play the money spent or spent, a happy picture!!!

Huquan Hot Spring World has many exciting ways of playing, such as super loudspeaker, big skateboard, Dashuizhai, extreme speed skating track, and experiencing the stimulation of weightlessness. More than 1 metre of waves have the feeling of the sea and surfing thrills. Playing tired and lying on the beach chair, to a glass of fresh juice, as if you were at the seaside. There are also Mini horns, Mini shuttles, many children’s slides, as well as children’s favorite water swings, seesaws, water guns. At the same time, there are massage pools in children’s area and many areas. After experiencing stimulation and thrills, you can relax in the pool. It takes a long day for the park to finish its basic experience. It’s really fun. It must come a few more times. But I want to remind you to wear sunscreen.