Kunming-Yuxi Transportation

Yuxi sits in the center of Yunnan province, with Kunming to its North, Pu’er at its west, Honghe to the southeast and Chuxiong to the northwest. Enjoying the gifts of nature and human wisdom, there are many favorable attractions like Fuxianhu Lake. It is approximately 90 km away from Kunming city. There is no airport located at Yuxi at present, so tourists can take the train or coaches getting there from Kunming.

How to Get to Yuxi from Kunming

By Train

The transportation in Yuxi is very convenient. Taking trains to Yuxi from Kunming Train Station or Kunming South Train Station is the best choice for you. The high-speed train from Kunming to Yuxi South Station only takes 30 minutes. Yuxi Train Station is located at the north of 302 County Road, Hongta District and Yuxi South Station is near 213 County Road of Hongta District.

Kunming – Yuxi Train Schedules

Train Number Departs Departure Station Arrives Duration
D8641 08:10 Kunming South Train Station 08:42 32min
D8645 09:55 Kunming South Train Station 10:27 32min
D8649 10:07 Kunming South Train Station 10:39 32min
K432 05:36 Kunming Train Station 07:07 1h31m
K9812 07:45 Kunming Train Station 09:08 1h23m
K9832 11:02 Kunming Train Station 12:18 1h16m
K9826 12:30 Kunming Train Station 13:52 1h22m
K9822 15:41 Kunming Train Station 17:04 1h23m
K9866 17:20 Kunming Train Station 18:36 1h16m
G1421 18:47 Kunming South Train Station 19:19 32min
G1535 19:13 Kunming South Train Station 19:45 32min

By Coach

At Kunming South Bus Station, there are scheduled buses running to Yuxi. From 07:00 to 20:00, the buses depart every 15 minutes with a journey about 1.5 hours. Kunming South Bus Station lies at No.7, Shangbo Street of Guandu District, Kunming City.