Professor Alan Macfarlane and Fellows of the Royal Society of London Visited Yunnan Dianhong Group for Investigation

On the morning of November 1st, Professor Alan Macfarlane, a Fellow of the British Academy and Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, along with his wife Sarah Harrison and their entourage, visited Yunnan to conduct research on the international development status and issues of the Dianxi tea industry, with a particular focus on Dianhong Group.

Professor Alan Macfarlane is renowned for his comparative studies on the origins and characteristics of the modern world. Over his career spanning more than 30 years, he has conducted extensive field research in countries such as the UK, Nepal, Japan, India, and Myanmar. His works, including “The Glass Bathyscaphe” and “Green Gold: The Empire of Tea,” have been translated into multiple languages and published in dozens of countries.

The visit began with the delegation paying homage to the statue of Feng Shaoqiu, the founder of “Dianhong Tea,” followed by a tour of the historical exhibition hall of Dianhong Group. Housed in a 1950s Soviet-style building, amidst historical artifacts, the delegation immersed themselves in a rich historical ambiance. Professor Macfarlane diligently recorded with his camera, while Harrison took notes attentively, capturing insights from the explanations provided.

Next, they visited the Tea Science Institute of Dianhong Group, where they explored the germplasm resource nursery. They witnessed lush tea gardens in a beautiful and ecologically friendly environment, which greatly excited Professor Macfarlane and his team, providing them a firsthand experience of the organic tea cultivation environment. They also visited the Dianhong tea trial production workshop, gaining detailed insights into the tea production process.

At the new factory area of Dianhong Group, showcasing modern facilities, Professor Macfarlane and his team observed the strides made by the Dianhong people in their journey forward.

In the exhibition room, Professor Macfarlane left a message: “Tea is the most magical and medicinal plant in the world. I am honored to see the development history of Dianhong Group. I wish Dianhong Group all the best!”

The research concluded with a discussion and exchange session between Dianhong Group and Professor Macfarlane’s team. Wang Tianquan, Chairman and President of Dianhong Group, warmly welcomed Professor Macfarlane and his team. Chen Zhenghua, Deputy County Mayor of Fengqing County, briefly introduced the basic situation of Fengqing County. Professor Macfarlane and his team provided valuable suggestions for Dianhong Group’s internationalization efforts.

This visit not only highlighted the significance of Dianhong tea and its cultural heritage but also underscored the importance of international collaboration and academic exchange in promoting the global presence of traditional Chinese teas.