Bolian Tea


Bolian Pu’er was established in 2007 , which is a 10,000-mu tea estate jointly launched by Pu’er City and Bolian Group(柏联集团).Drawing on the concept model of the red wine estate in Bordeaux(波尔多), France, combining the superior Pu’er tea resources and unique Pu’er tea history and culture of Jingmai Tea Mountain, the Pu’er tea estate will be built from a high starting point, leading to a new way of Pu’er tea consumption and life. 

Brand Culture

Core Value:Pursuit of excellence, culture, and perfection.

Brand Logo: Bolian Pu’er is a tree of life that has lasted for thousands of time

Production Philosophy: Intensive, Slow-cooked, Less Productive

Brand History

In 2013, Ma Yun and Li Lianjie customized Tai Ji Tea at Bolian Manor in Jingmai Tea Mountain.

In 2008, Jingmai Tea was selected as the “National Ceremony Tea for the Beijing Olympics”.

In 2006, the Bolian Group(柏联集团) acquired the 50-year-old state-owned Huimin Tea Factory and founded the Bolian Pu’er brand.

In April 2007, the Bolian Group invited the national environmental ambassador Jing Yidan to jointly release the “Jingmaishan Declaration” with the government officials and residents.

Brand Honors

In 2012, Bolian Pu’er was identified as a famous trademark in Yunnan Province.

In 2007, it was named “the first brand of Chinese Pu’er Tea Manor”.

In 2008, it won the honor of “The Most Popular Pu’er Tea Brand” released by Hurun Report.


Bolian Pu’er is mainly divided into Palace pu’er series, white moon series, rainforest series, Jingmaishan series, and north latitude series. 

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Edited by Ziwei Chen