Mengku Pu-erh Tea


The predecessor of Mengku Tea(勐库茶业) was the Tanku Tea Plant, which was established in 1993. In 1999, the plant acquired the state-owned enterprise “Shuangjiang Tea Factory(双江茶厂)” at auction.The company has developed into fixed assets of 30 million yuan, annual production of 700-900 tons, a tea exquisite processing enterprise with a production area of 20,000 square meters and an area of 63 acres, and registered with the three major brand trademarks of “Mengku Brand”(勐库牌), “Qinggang Brand”(青岗牌) and “Mangbo Brand(忙波牌)”. The main tea area is Dakushan Mountain and Banpo Iceland mountains.

Brand Honors

Mengku Tea(勐库茶业) has successively won five gold awards for the quality of Puer tea in the “Cloud Tea Cup” and “Kangle Cup” since 2002. Since 2003, it has been awarded the “Pollution Free Puer Tea” certification by the National Tea Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. In 2005, it was adopted as the standard sample of Pu’er tea by Yunnan Province. It is also one of the first five Pu’er tea companies to pass QS certification in the province.

Brand Purpose

Mengku Tea Company(勐库茶业) is making every effort to create a “Mengku” brand series of pollution-free and safe Pu’er tea. In the management of its products, it follows the guidance of “market-oriented, people-oriented, quality for survival and development”, and builds an iron brand with iron quality.Pay close attention to quality control, and create the famous Pu’er tea with “Mengku” brand. In the production of products, the company’s entire production process has reached the national food export enterprise hygiene standards. In order to ensure the quality of the product, the company directly purchases fresh leaves from the tea farmers, and processes its own sun-cured green tea as raw materials. At the same time, it also changes the traditional method of in-situ stacking in the fermentation of cooked tea. Instead, it is equipped with a fermentation box to eliminate Pu’er tea’s contact with the ground, so that the company’s product quality stability, hygiene, safety and other aspects have been more effectively guaranteed.

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