Shidian County

Shidian County Overview

Chinese Name: 施甸县 English IPA: Shidian County Location: West of Yunnan Population (city): 344418(2015) Language: Yunnan Dialect Zip code: 678200 Tel code: 0875 Time zone: UTC+8

Shidian County is under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Baoshan, in the west of Yunnan province, China. The area of Shidian county is 2009 square kilometres. Its county center is 60 Km from Baoshan city government, and 654 Km from the capital Kunming city. Its seat is the large community Dianyang (甸阳镇). Shdian county has a population of 0.33 million.

Highlights of Shidian County

  • Profound Cultures: Known for its border customs, Shidian is an important part of the regional culture of Western Yunnan, including historic culture, ethnic culture, immigrant culture, border culture, red culture, etc.
  • Hot Spring: Shidian County is one of the main hot spring tourist areas in West Yunnan, including the Shipiao Hot Spring, Wonv Hot Spring, etc.

Other Destinations in Shidian County

    Shidian County Attractions

    Currently, Shidian Attractions mainly includes Shanzhou Forest Farm(AAA level), Shipiao Hot Spring Scenic Area(AA level), Yaoguan Ecological Town, Shanzhou Characteristic Smalltown, Banlang Characteristic Smalltown, Yeyahu Wetland, etc. Besides, there are 2 ethnic towns and 12 traditional ethnic villages where tourists can explore the ethnic culture. [...]

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    Shidian County Tours

    Shidian Tours are usually combined with the hot destinations such as Tengchong, Baoshan, etc. If you prefer, contact our consultant and we can adjust the itinerary of our prearranged routes or we can just tailor-make your own kind of Shidian County Tour. [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Shidian climate is subtropical as the main body of the low latitude mountain monsoon climate. Annual frost-free period 273 days, annual average rainfall 883.2 mm, annual average rainfall days 153.9 days. It is warm all years and abundant in rainfall.  Climate data for Shidian (1981−2010) Month Record high °C (°F) Average high °C (°F) Daily mean °C (°F) Average low °C (°F) Record low °C (°F) Average precipitation mm (inches) Average relative humidity (%) Jan. 23.4 (74.1) 18.5 (65.3) 9.9 (49.8) 2.8 (37) −3.2 (26.2) 18.5 (0.728) 69 Feb. 27.1 (80.8) 19.9 (67.8) 11.9 (53.4) 4.7 (40.5) −2.3 (27.9) 33.1 (1.303) 64 Mar. 30.0 (86) 23.1 (73.6) 15.2 (59.4) 7.9 (46.2) −0.1 (31.8) 30.0 (1.181) 60 Apr. 31.6 (88.9) 25.4 [...]

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    The main means of transportation in Shidian county is the long-distance bus. You can also take the flight to Baoshan or Tengchong and then take the bus to Shidian. Below are the details of Shidian Transportation. How to Get to Shidian? By Air Tourist can take the airport to Baoshan, Tengchong or Mangshi, and then take the long-distance bus to Shidian. It’s only 1 hour’s drive from Baoshan Airport and 2 hours’ drive from Tengchong and Mangshi. By Long-distance Bus Long-distance bus is the main means of [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    In this area we do have some notable events and festivals you should be aware of, including Tiaohui Festival of Bulang, Yangpi Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, etc. Here are some major festivals in Shidian. 1.Tiaohui Festival of Bulang(跳会) On the seventh day of the second lunar month, all the villagers from Hazhai Village, Xindiji Village, Hangushan Village, Xiahazhai Village, Shuigoujiao Village gather at the Dage Square of Hazhai Village to attend the Tihui Festival of Blang ethnic people, which is an annual cultural [...]

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    Travel Tips

    1.Useful Numbers Fire: 119            • Police: 110            • Ambulance: 120 Weather Forecast: 121 Tourist complaint:  0875-96927; 0875-2122583 Baoshan Airport Inquiry Telephone: 0875-2232266 2.Post Offices There are more than 10 post offices serving in the Shidian County of Baoshan. Here we just introduce part of them. Shidian Post Office Add: No.201, Dianyang Middle School, Dianyang Town, Shidian County, Baoshan Tel: 0875-8121051 Shuichang Post Office Add: Shuichang Township, Shidian County, Baoshan Tel: 0875-8825044 Renhe Post Office Add: Renhe Street, Renhe Township, Shidian County, Baoshan Tel: 0875-8825044 3.Banks You can use your credit card, traveler's check or cash to exchange [...]

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    Useful Maps

    If we go to somewhere new, maps are good facilitators for us. In order to show you clear direction and location, Shidian Maps provide you some useful maps like Shidiang County Map, Shidian Attraction Map, Shidian Transportation Map, Shidian Location Map, etc. [...]

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    Shidian County Accommodation

    There are only three star hotels standing in Shidian County. Most of the hotels in Shidain are budget but with clear and comfortable environment. Here we recommend the best hotels in Shidian for you reference. 1.Jinbulang Hotel(施甸金布朗大酒店) Add: No. 007, south side of Mocang Road, Dianyang town, Shidian county, Baoshan Tel: 0875-8126777 2.Shidian Grand Hotel(施甸大酒店) Add: Jianshe Road, Dianyang Town, Shidian county, Baoshan Tel: 0875-3030666 3.Shidian Hongxing Garden Hotel(施甸红星花园大酒店) Add: Mengdi Road, Dianyang Town, Shidian county, Baoshan Tel: 0875-8120333 4.Shidian Yulan Business Hotel(施甸玉兰商务酒店) Add: Yaoguan Town, Shidian county, Baoshan Tel: 15308758943 [...]

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