Longyuan Hao Pu-erh Tea


Longyuan Tea Industry(龙园茶叶) is a modern comprehensive tea enterprise integrating tea planting, production, processing, sales, scientific research, tea culture, tea experience, tea tourism, etc. It is a key leading enterprise in Xishuangbanna Prefecture and an advanced enterprise in the development of Yunnan tea industry .



Longyuan Tea(龙园茶叶) was established in 1999, and its corporate headquarters is located in the beautiful Xishuangbanna, the hometown of Pu’er Tea.Mr. Li Zhengxing, Chairman of Longyuan Tea Industry, graduated from Yunnan Agricultural University. He is a senior agronomist and a national senior tea judge with 40 years of tea making experience. He once served as a well-known former national second-tier enterprise, deputy director of the state-run Dadugang Tea Plantation. He is a well-known tea man, a tea industry expert, and the sixth outstanding entrepreneur in Yunnan Province. As a “outstanding professional and technical talent with outstanding contributions” in Yunnan Province, enjoy the special allowance of the Yunnan Provincial Government.


With the attention and assistance of governments at all levels in Yunnan Province and the care and help of relevant higher-level departments, after 17 years of development, Longyuan Tea has developed into a major development, research, and processing of more than 100 years of ancient tea tree tea, production and operation of various high-end ecological Puer tea, organic green tea, ancient tree black tea, handmade specialty tea, and other modern tea companies with a certain scale and strength.

Longyuan Tea(龙园茶叶) currently has eight branches, namely Dadugang Longyuan Ecological Tea Factory, Menghai Longyuan Tea Factory, Yunnan Longyuan Tea Industry Co., Ltd., Xishuangbanna Tea Culture Communication Center, and Longyuan · Rongpin Tea Culture Experience Center, Longyuan Tea Industry Experience Center, Xishuangbanna Longyuan Tea Industry World, Xishuangbanna Longyuan Tea Cultural Museum, etc.

Longyuan Tea has built more than 10 production bases in ancient tea gardens such as  Menghai(勐海), and Jinghong.(景洪)It has planted nearly 20,000 acres of tea in Dadugang, the first tea town in China, including 5,000 acres of organic tea gardens. The factory area is more than 400 acres. There are 5 processing plants, the plant area is more than 40,000 square meters; there are more than 2,000 employees. The company’s annual production and processing capacity reaches more than 5,000 tons.

Long-term Goal

Building an internationally renowned and domestic well-known Puer tea brand. Guided by the scientific outlook of development, closely centering on the theme of “improving quality and promoting development”, focusing on improving the efficiency of running factories, insisting that quality is the root, innovation is the driving force, marketing is the key, team is the guarantee and stability is the prerequisite Focus on the three cards of quality, culture and marketing, deal with the relationship between scale, quality and efficiency, and promote the scientific, harmonious and leapfrog development of Longyuan Tea.

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