Longsheng Pu erh Tea


“The product of Longsheng(龙生) spread Pu’er tea around the world.” Yunnan Longsheng Tea Co., Ltd.(云南龙生茶叶股份有限公司) is located in the birthplace of Pu’er tea – Pu’er City, leading enterprises of the state poverty alleviation and industrialization of agriculture. Longsheng Company integrates tea planting, processing and sales. It owns more than 80,000 acres of tea gardens, a provincial-level enterprise technology center, and 27 preliminary tea processing workshops. It is currently a domestic tea company operating more than 100,000 acres of tea garden .

“Drink Longsheng Pu’er Tea(龙生普洱), Enjoy a Healthy Life”. More than 80,000 acres of Longsheng Tea Garden is far from the downtown area and away from pollution. Organic fertilizer is used for cultivation. The original manual harvesting is more reassuring.

Culture of Longsheng

“Dragon” is the totem of the Chinese nation, and the symbol of the national spirit of the Chinese people bravely moving forward and taking off. Longsheng(龙生) , on the one hand, reflects the spirit of the Longsheng(龙生) industry and spreads the “dragon” spirit, making it endless.  On the other hand it embodies the ambition of the founder of Longsheng Tea(龙生茶叶), to lead the Yunnan Pu’er tea industry into a brand-new unremitting innovation. 



In May 1996, Longsheng Group was established.

In 2001, Longsheng Jade Bud Tea(龙生玉芽花茶) was awarded the gold medal in the national jasmine tea quality evaluation.

In 2002, Longsheng Cuiming(龙生翠茗) won the gold medal in the third National Green Tea Quality Evaluation.

In 2002, Longsheng Pu’er Tea(龙生普洱) won the Gold Award in the Quality Tea Competition of Guangzhou Tea Expo.


After several years of reform and development, Longsheng(龙生) now has 5 subsidiaries, 2 branches, a science and technology research institute, and 8 direct sales offices abroad. The tea garden covers an area of 40,000 acres.  There are 22 processing plants. The company is a leading enterprise supported by national comprehensive agricultural development and Pu’er Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. It is one of the five largest tea groups in Yunnan Province and the largest organic tea production company in China. Supply, marketing, science, industry and trade are integrated in one group company. The company has more than 20,000 tea farmers, 563 employees, and 278 professional and technical personnel. It has a total fixed assets of 150 million yuan, annual sales of more than 60 million yuan, annual taxes and profits of nearly 10 million yuan, and corporate credit grade A .