Pursue Tea


Pursue tea, as the flagship brand of Yunnan Pu’er Tea Group, was successfully registered in 1994, adhering to the “original, authentic and professional” philosophy, with the goal of “prospering the world’s Pu’er, building the crown on Pu’er tea out of  one hundred drinks” as the goal, inheriting and developing Pu’er tea history and culture as its own responsibility. Pursue tea was rated as “Yunnan Famous Brand Product” and “Famous Brand in Yunnan Province”. The product has won the national, provincial gold and silver medals. 



In April 1975, the Pu’er tea factory was established. From the beginning of the establishment of the tea factory, it was designated as one of the four major manufacturers of Pu’er tea by Yunnan government.


After ten years of development, the Pursue brand is getting more and more famous. In October 2004, Pu’er Tea (Group) Co., Ltd. completed the corporate restructuring and established Yunnan Pu’er Tea (Group) Co., Ltd., renewing the use of Pursue brand trademarks.

In December 2005, the group company changed the “Pursue” trademark LOGO. The new Pursue brand was formally lauched with “Large Leaf  Tea” and “Horse” as the main elements. The purpose is to effectively promote the establishment of an “authentic, traditional, professional and leading” corporate image. Yunnan Pu’er Tea (Group) Co., Ltd. adheres to the spirit of tea horse ancient road “adventure, innovation, affinity, integrity”, and strives to achieve “spontaneous and up-to-date, pragmatic and objective, creating first-class Pu’er tea professional enterprise self-worth. The “Pursue” brand was rated as “Yunnan Famous Trademark” by the Yunnan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce.

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