Deqin-Gongshan Road

Deqin-Gongshan Road

Deqin-Gongshan Road(德贡公路 in Chinese) is the road from Deqin County to Gongshan County via Biluo Snow Mountain. Deqin County and Gongshan Dulong Nu Autonomous County are important parts of the Tibetan region in China. They are the frontier areas of the country and remote and border areas of Yunnan Province. They belong to multi-ethnic and multi-cultural areas. They are the key counties of poverty alleviation and development.

Nearby attractions of Deqin-Gongshan Road

  • Di Ma Luo (迪麻洛)
    “Dimalo” is a language of Nu ethnic minority,it means Jishuitangqing(积水塘箐). It is a village where Nu and Tibetans live together. It is situated in the ditch at the foot of Biluo Snow Mountain. The Dimalo River runs through the ditch. Because of the great drop, the waterstead is full of rocks, so the whole river is rolling with white waves and thundering. Dimalo has 13 natural villages.
  • Biluo Snow Mountain
    Located in Lanping County and being one of the major mountain ranges in Hengduan Mountain in Yunnan, it faces Lan Cang River ­on the east, and stops at Nujiang River the west. Both sides of the Biluo Snow Mountain are vallies 3,000 meters above sea level. Originated from Tanggula Mountain in Tibet, the mountain strentches southward to Yunnan. It is the boundary mountain between Lanping county and Fugong county, Bijiang county and Lushui county.
  • Cizhong Church(茨中教堂)
    Cizhong Catholic Church is located on the Bank of Lancang River in Yanmen Township, Deqin County, Yunnan Province, covering an area of about 10 kilometers, with a total construction area of 1386 square meters. Founded in 1867 and rebuilt in 1909, the church is a model of the perfect combination of Western architectural style and Tibetan, Han and Bai ethnic architectural styles in China. It has high historical and artistic value.

Meaning of Deqin-Gongshan Road

There are four tourist routes from Gongshan to Deqin, Fugong to Weixi, Lijiang to Lanping, Lushui to Tengchong in Northwest Yunnan, linking up the scenic spots of Dali-Lijiang-Diqing-Nujiang-Tengchong-Dehong. Chengdu is the most attractive and tourist value of the “three rivers parallel” golden route. Among them, the construction of Degong Highway can not only effectively promote the economic and social development of the two states and counties, but also facilitate the political and economic exchanges between the two places. This colorful belt road connecting Lancang River and Nujiang River will also become a parallel flow of the three rivers. The most beautiful tour route.